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Rev-A-Shelf SBDT Series Drip Tray
Rev-A-Shelf SBDT Series Drip Tray

Learn about Under Sink Organization

Let’s talk organization! Specifically, under your sink.

I bet you didn’t even know that we have organization items for under your sink. It’s a place that often times gets overlooked and becomes a catch-all for every cleaning supply product ever made. I have bottles of cleaners for floors and appliances that I don’t even own anymore. Come to think of it, I really should get that cleaned up. Or organized. So, let’s dive in.

Options by Rev-A-Shelf

I’ll start with drip trays by Rev-A-Shelf. These are molded plastic trays that go on the bottom of your cabinet and can custom fit inside your cabinet. We have two kitchen versions and three vanity versions. They are designed in a way to funnel any spilled water to the front. This allows water to move out onto the floor in front of the cabinet, alerting you of the leak so it can be repaired.

We also have full-width under sink pullout baskets with soft-close mechanisms by Rev-A-Shelf. These are either bottom mounted or side mounted. If you want to use a drip tray then you will need to side mount it. These baskets have large cutouts to avoid the plumbing you have under your sink.

Rev-A-Shelf Undersink Pullout Basket w/Soft-Close, Organization

Other Options for Organization

Knape and Vogt Under Sink Basket, Cabinet Organization

We have other sink baskets with removable top accessory trays, so you can take your cleaning supplies directly to the job. Knape and Vogt sells two widths: 11″ and 14″.

Hafele offers a removable basket in their storage unit. They have a single version and a triple version. On the single version the basket comes out, while on the triple version one basket is removable and the other two are not.

Hafele also has a lockable pullout compartment for keeping those dangerous chemicals out of curious little hands. You can install it on the left or right and it comes with two keys.

More Fun: Towel Bars

We have pull out bars by Knape & Vogt, Rev-A-Shelf, and Vauth Sagel. These bars have two or three bars for you to hang your kitchen towel on and are side mounted. If you have a face frame, you’ll need to block out or put shims behind the rack to install. Knape & Vogt also makes a door mounted bar to hold up to three towels.

Now that you know all about our under sink products, you’ll be able to get your home all spiffed up! Have any more questions? Don’t hesitate to reach out to our customer support team.

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