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SOSS, Barrel Hinge
SOSS, Barrel Hinge

The cutest little hinge ever!

We sell one of the cutest little hinges ever. It is the SOSS invisible barrel hinge. This little hinge is made of solid brass and finished in satin brass. The minimum material thickness you need is only 5/8″.


To install, you will need to drill a 12mm (15/32″) hole, 13.3mm (1/2″) deep, and insert the barrel. Once you install the barrel, you cannot turn it for alignment, so make sure you do it right on the first go. Since these hinges are so tiny, exact measurements are crucial when boring the holes. Make sure you read the instructions and fully understand them before you start drilling.

SOSS Light Duty Invisible Barrel HingeTo secure it in place, you tighten the itty bitty slotted tensioning screw on the hinge barrel. Doing so will expand the back of the barrel, locking the hinge in place. There is a groove on the other side of the barrel from the tensioning screw where you can insert a #4 flat head 1/2″ long wood screw if you desire, but this is entirely optional.

The Result

Once you install the SOSS barrel hinge, the gap between the two pieces of wood is less than 1mm. Installed correctly, you’ll be able to open the hinge a full 180 degrees, giving you full access to the space behind the lid. This is useful when you have a tray inside the space you need to remove, as it won’t hit the lid when you pull it out.

SOSS recommends that it not be used in a load-bearing capacity. It should only be used on small lid applications. So now the question is, where should you use this little hinge? If you are building a little jewelry box or a humidor, this hinge will be perfect. A tool box, tackle box, or picnic basket will also be great places to use it. I’m sure you’ll be able to come up with even more uses for the cutest little hinge we have here at

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