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What are Hinge Pin Door Stops?

There are times when an application calls for a door stop attached to the hinge pin, rather than one on the floor, wall, or door. We have three options. First are the traditional style door stoppers with bumpers on both sides. We also have an upgraded version with a bumper on only one side, which prevents damage to the door. Lastly is a super nifty version with no bumpers, which creates no damage to the door or trim.

Deltana Hinge Pin Stop Satin NickelFor the traditional ones, you pull out your hinge pin, set the door stop on top, then insert the hinge pin through the stop and back into the hinge. One of the bumpers is on a threaded rod so that you can adjust the opening allowance.

DoorSaver Hinge Pin Stop Antique BrassThe upgraded version by DoorSaver uses one bumper on a threaded rod that touches the trim. The other part of the stop hits up against the hinge leaf on the door side. There is no contact with the door itself, which means that denting the door is not a concern. It mounts just like the traditional door stops: you insert the hinge pin through the hole at the top of the stop.

DoorSaver II Hinge Pin Stop Satin NickelLastly is the super nifty DoorSaver II. This one is completely bumperless, so no dents on the door or marring on the trim. This one is different because you replace the hinge pin itself. We have two options for this: residential and commercial. The residential works on 3-1/2″ and 4″ hinges with 1/4″ hinge pins. The pin is 3/16″ diameter. The commercial option works on hinges with 5/16″ hinge pins. On both options, the hinge pin portion is 4-1/8″ long. If you use it on a 3-1/2″ hinge, then 5/8″ of the pin will stick out the bottom. On a 4″ hinge, 1/8″ will stick out the bottom.

Think of hardwarehut.com for your door stop needs. You are sure to find what you are looking for.

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