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Hafele, Lights, Battery Powered
Hafele, Lights, Battery Powered

My Experience with Hafele Battery Operated Lights

BEFORE LIGHTINGLet there be light I say! After 4 years of using the flashlight on my phone to locate something from the pantry in my travel trailer, I added some lighting. I chose to use the Hafele Loox battery operated LED cabinet lights because I didn’t have to drill any holes or do electrical work. The lights can be removed and recharged with the included mini-USB cord. They are also motion operated, which is a great feature.

GORILLA GLUE ADHESIVEInstallation was very easy. I installed the mounting plates with Gorilla Glue Construction adhesive, because the shelves are thin and I honestly didn’t want to hassle with pre-drilling for the tiny screws. The adhesive worked great and it’s strong enough to hold against the movement of the trailer rolling down the road. When installing the light correctly, sensor towards the door, it will slide on with a left to right motion. I installed the top light with the sensor pointing to the back wall, oops!  The light still works, but it does take a second longer for it to turn on. After allowing 24 hours for the adhesive to set, I was ready to put up the cabinet lights. I switched on the light, setting it to MOTION, and slid the light onto the mounting plate.

AFTER LIGHTSSuper easy installation and what a difference they make! Now when I open the door, I can see what is on each shelf. As long as the sensor picks up movement, the lights will remain on. When I close the door, the Energy Save feature cuts off the light 30 seconds later. The operating time is 8 hours. My lights actually stayed charged for over a year since the doors aren’t opened often.

These are great lights—not too small and not too large. They don’t overheat. The light is bright but not blinding. Hafele offers three different battery operated cabinet light styles to choose from, and I’m sure you will find one that best suits your needs.

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