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Carriage Gargage Doors
Carriage Gargage Doors

Learning about Carriage Doors with Strap Hinges

When you want to make your garage doors into carriage doors, or turn them into faux carriage doors, you’ll need some hardware accessories. Acorn Manufacturing, out of Mansfield Massachusetts, makes the hinges, doors pulls, and cane bolts you’ll want.

Carriage Garage Doors


When making real carriage doors, you’ll need some super strong hinges to hold those doors. Acorn manufacturers them in 30″ and 36″ to hold 300 pounds per hinge. You have the option to do a heart design or a bean design at the end of the straps. They come with removable pins and reversible hinge leafs so you can choose to mount these as full surface (you see both sides of the hinge when installed) or half surface (you only see the strap portion when installed). These hinges are powder coated black over smooth textured iron. They also come with stainless steel lag screws with decorative square heads.

Acorn Heart Strap Hinge Active Black

Acorn Bean Strap Hinge Active Black

If you go the route of a faux carriage, where the doors are lifting up rather than swinging out, then you’ll want to do a dummy strap version of the hinges to give you the same look. They are available in the same 30″ or 36″ sizes as the active hinges as well as both the heart and bean designs on the ends of the straps. Browse our entire selection of door strap hinges to find the perfect style for you application!

Acorn Heart Strap Hinge Dummy Black

Acorn Bean Strap Hinge Dummy Black

Door Pulls

Acorn Heart Door Pull BlackTo go with your new hinges, you’ll also want a door pull. Acorn makes both the heart design and the bean design. Both designs have a projection of 1-5/8″ or less. The projection shouldn’t matter much if your doors are real. But, if you’re going with faux doors that lift up, you’ll want to double check the clearance you have at the locations you wish to install them. Make sure that the pulls won’t hit the door frame when you lift the doors.

Cane Bolts

Acorn Cane Bolt BlackFor your swinging doors, you’ll also want cane bolts to secure the doors in place. You can go the route of one on each door on the inside or one bolt for the dummy door and a deadbolt or rim lock for the active door.

Either route you go, swinging carriage doors or faux carriage doors that lift up, you’ll be pleased with the hardware you get from Acorn and hardwarehut.com.

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