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Kitchen, Stainless Steel, Design, High End
Kitchen, Stainless Steel, Design, High End

2019 Design Trends: Color, Metals, Surfaces, & Texture

In this article, we will discuss design trends occurring, challenging, and revolutionizing house hardware. Color, metals, surfaces, technology, lighting, and texture are just a few emerging in 2019.


We are finally seeing the “Greying Trend” take a back seat. Color is now in vogue and the use of colorful cabinets is not just as an accent, but for the whole kitchen. Colorful appliances are no longer only available to the elite. The colors we’re trending are opulent and luxurious: Emerald Green, Purple, and Navy.

Mixed Metals

Mixed metals have been a reoccurring trend over the last several years. Now, even more, we want metals at the table. Copper is making quite a splash as an accent metal, either in accessories or as an accent on the appliance. Gold/Brushed Bronze and the warmer tone metals are very popular, as is Matte Black.

Hard Surfaces

Thinner, larger. No longer are we having to deal with the never-ending, always dirty grout lines in a shower full of 4” x 4” tile. Now available in Ultracompact surface, laminated tempered glass, waterproof laminate countertop and wall cladding are available as large as 60” x 120” slabs! Bye-Bye grout lines!


Integrated technology is no longer a sci-fi myth. Alexa, Google, Jeffrey…and a litany of other virtual assistants are available to assist with every day tasks of turning on the lights, playing music, pre-heating the oven, making your favorite cup of coffee, turning your shower on to your pre-set temperature, and more.


LED lighting is everywhere, which allows for some out of the box thinking and applications. Perimeter-lit panels allow for easy back-lighting without seeing individual diodes. Edison style bulbs are now available in many different shapes and sizes. LED lighting can shine in cabinetry, coming on automatically, like when a drawer or door is opened. LED tape light is an easy and inexpensive way to add custom details. For example, the picture to the right shows a regular cut mirror mounted on a standoff with LED tape around the perimeter.

3D and Texture

Geometry is at the forefront of the tile trends. 3D and textured tile can make a big statement. Large tiles 18” x 36” are perfect for a standard backsplash and require no cutting and minimal grout joints, allowing for the pattern and texture to be the focal point.

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