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Schaub & Company, Lumiere Collection, Rose Gold, White Cabinets
Schaub & Company, Lumiere Collection, Rose Gold, White Cabinets

Schaub and Company: Two-Tone Finishes

Hardware collections rarely stand out in the ways the new Fonce collection by Schaub and Company does. Because of the split finishes and mixed metals, this collection offers a unique contrast look. Additionally, the hardware compliments two-tone designs with ease.

Why We Like Schaub

Schaub & Co. offers 72 distinct collections: high-quality manufacturing and unique designs.

Schaub and Company offers a full catalog of knobs and pulls. Styles range from sleek and contemporary to ornate and luxurious. The Hardware Hut features over 1,800 of their products online and in our showroom. Collections span from contemporary to elegant, transitional to traditional, and even rustic designs in solid bronze. With over 25 finishes, the hardware ranges from matte black to aged silver, from antiqued, polished, or satin nickel to other various brass, bronze, and chrome.

However, my favorite finishes continue to be the two-tone, mixed materials. The Fonce Collection or the Lumiere and the Lumiere Transitional Collections are truly simple, clean, and elegant.

Schaub & Company Fonce Collection

Why We Like Two Tone

Put simply, it’s the contrast. While your kitchen design has lighter colored cabinets and dark wood floors or vice versa, the bold contrast of colors genuinely enriches the visual experience. Also, these collections add a clean and contemporary look.

Fonce Collection

Fonce Collection by Schaub and Company

This new cabinet hardware collection has stylish mixed metal and split finish options. It is also available in five sizes and five finish combinations. Contemporary yet unique, the Fonce Collection provides a great look for your kitchen or bath.

Lumiere Collections

Lumiere Collection by Schaub and Company

The Lumiere Collections use high-grade, crystalline acrylic handles. Paired with sleek, solid brass bases, this collection uses finishes like Polished Nickel, Brass, Chrome, and Rose Gold. It also offers Satin Nickel, Satin Brass, Flat Black, and Oil Rubbed Bronze.

Brushed Rose Gold Finish is the most recent addition to the Lumiere Collection.

Every piece of hardware this company manufactures is rich in design. The high level of craftsmanship is sure to make your home truly stand apart. Check out all of the collections here >

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