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Hafele, LED, Lighting
Hafele, LED, Lighting

Upgrading Your Hafele LED Lighting

Beginning in the kitchen, LED lighting has expanded to several valuable locations in the house. Hafele is revolutionizing the capabilities and accessories for LED lighting. From a fully-decked out smart home to specific applications, the current Hafele Look catalog includes fantastic product.

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Hafele Connect

The Hafele Connect app is the brain that controls any connected Hafele Loox lighting system. Using a bridge and Bluetooth technology, the Connect provides comprehensive control of the temperature of the lights (cool-white to warm-white). You can even change the color of certain lights. The connect app also allows multiple LED lights to group for more complex lighting scenarios. Additionally, you can save and adjust these settings with a simple touch. Using the app, you can take a picture of a room and then add lighting locations for later. Another great feature is the addition of a timer control, allowing you to turn lights on without needing to worry about turning them off.

The Connect app is available on the App Store and Google Play Store.

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6-Channel Remote

The Hafele Loox 6-channel remote allows you to control up to six separate lighting systems from a single remote. This remote allows you to play with your light settings easily. For example, you could turn down the LED lighting in your kitchen while turning up the lights in your living room. 6-channel also allows you to pre-program up to three lighting scenes, with just a simple push of a button from anywhere in your home. Just remember that to use the remote you’ll need to pair it with either the 12 volt or 24 volt 6-channel receiver at the driver.

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Bluetooth Speakers

Saving the most interesting one for last, Hafele has created a unique Bluetooth speaker that can be connected to your Hafele Loox system for LED lighting. This nifty little speaker is designed to install inside a cabinet, floating shelf, or another hollow cavity. It uses this space and the mounted material to create a sound chamber, similar to an acoustic guitar. You can pair as many as four of these speakers together. These speakers create fantastic ambient audio without the need for exposed wiring or speakers.

These products, as well as all other Hafele Loox LED and low-voltage accessories, can be found at hardwarehut.com. If you need help putting together your smart home, don’t hesitate to contact one of our experts today. We are happy to help you.

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