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Bathroom, Blue Wall, Sink, Faucet, Cabinet Hardware
Bathroom, Blue Wall, Sink, Faucet, Cabinet Hardware

Add a Fresh Look to Your Bathroom for Under $150

Home improvement upgrades can be expensive. You don’t have to always spend your life savings and tear apart your house to add value and improve the appearance. Here are some great ideas to get your creative juices flowing, for under $150.

Bathroom Vanities

For the most part, bathroom vanities don’t have a lot of doors or drawers, so for inexpensive home improvement, freshen up those knobs and pulls! Knobs and pulls also tend to become a focal point in these spaces and can give your bathrooms a dated look, if not kept updated.

You can also spend a little more on these because of the lesser quantities, so don’t be afraid to go a little on the higher end. Mix up the finishes and styles in each bathroom to give them their own identity.¬†Even by using a higher end pull or knob, the average bathroom can be done for less than $150. Pro-tip:¬†Satin Brass and Matte Black are hot finishes right now!

Check out our great selection of knobs and pulls >

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Bathroom Hardware

You can find a great quality collection to outfit your bathroom for $125.

If every time you hang your towel up after showering, and you cringe at the dated towel bar from 1978, or even just wish the towel ring matched that great new set of towels you got last week… It’s time! This really is an easy home improvement project that really can be done in an afternoon. This project can be accomplished with around $125. Shop our selection of Bathroom Hardware here >

Don’t forget the mirror. These are readily available, preassembled with brackets and ready to install. Browse our selection of mirrors >

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Bringing It All Together

My last idea is adding a backsplash, which will take longer than just an afternoon. Installing a new one will tie together all of these ideas. I know this from experience; I replaced mine not long ago. Looking back, I don’t know why I waited so long. Tile can vary in price, but I did mine using 12×12 glass tiles on a mesh back, cut them in half, and did an average size bathroom for about $150, including a few additional tools I needed.

So Many Styles

Combine the tile to match your new cabinet pulls and bath hardware. Build a little design board. The sky is the limit on colors and styles. It’s easy!

You may not have put much thought into small upgrades in your bathroom, or you may have said, “That’s way outside my ability.” It isn’t. Backsplash is an easy way to start getting your feet wet with tile work. Many good tile retailers will even let you use tile saws and give you great direction on how to do the layout.

So, get out there and change up those bathrooms. You spend so much time in these spaces every day. Make sure you enjoy them. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us or connect with us on Facebook.

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