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Sugatsune, Lid Stay, Cabinet Hardware
Sugatsune, Lid Stay, Cabinet Hardware

Lid Stays: Our Complete Guide From Learning to Ordering

Let’s talk about lid stays and the applications for them. The first thing you need to determine is which one best fits your needs.

Lid Stay Applications

Do you have an upward-opening flap, such as a cabinet, above your refrigerator? Maybe you have a downward opening flap, like on the front of a desk? Or you could have the most common type, the top opening flap for toy boxes, bench seats, and storage boxes.

Sugatsune NSDX-35 Lid Stay
Upward Opening Flap
Sugatsune NSDX-10 Lid Stay
Downward Opening Flap
Sugatsune NSDX-20 Lid Stay
Top Opening Flap

Height and Weight

Now that we know the type of stay you need, we will need to pick one out based on the height and weight of your lid. Measure the height of the flap (how tall it is when lifted or how far it sticks out when up or down). Now you need to know the weight. This is very important. In the case of a toy box, you wouldn’t want the lid coming down and hurting any little fingers.

Pick Your Lid Stay

Sugatsune has a nifty chart below that helps you figure out which one to use based on the lid height and weight. Find your height on the chart and move along until you find your lid weight between the minimum and maximum. Not all of the stays work in all applications, so also double-check the application part numbers.

Sugatsune Lid Stay Chart

Ordering Tips

Keep in mind they are not and do not include hinges. Your flap or lid will still need cabinet hinges to connect it to the cabinet. Their job is to keep the lid up or help lower it down softly to eliminate slamming doors or smashed fingers.

The chart above is based on using one pair of lid stays. Some are sold by the pair, others are sold individually. Make sure you order the correct number for your job and height/weight of the lid.

Sugatsune NSDX Mounting Bracket
Face Frame Mounting Bracket

Stays are meant to attach to the sidewall of the cabinet. If you have a face frame, there may be an optional accessory called a face frame bracket. You’ll want to order the correct number of them based on how many stays you order. Keep in mind that some stays are sold as pairs or individually and all of the brackets are sold individually.

We sell these for cabinetry with heights no greater than 28″. If you need to hold up a lid or flap that is more than 28″ high, you’ll want to check out your local marine/auto/RV shop, as they will have items that can fit your needs, particularly for heavy compartment panel.

Additional Questions?

If you have any additional questions on purchasing lid stays, please submit a question below. One of our customer service representatives will be in touch within one business day. You can also connect with us on Facebook.




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