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Elbow Catch Bright Nickel, The Hardware Hut
Elbow Catch Bright Nickel, The Hardware Hut

Epco Heavy Duty Elbow Catch Product Review

By far, our best selling elbow catch is the Epco Heavy Duty Elbow Catch in Bright Nickel. This unit outsells its nearest competitor 2:1. Manufactured of solid brass, this catch will last a lifetime.

Elbow Catch Bright NickelThe thought and care put into designing this product is visible. Both the catch and strike are made with slotted screw holes. These holes allow minor adjustments to be made following the installation. When mounting, remember to use the center of the slot. Doing so will allow it to slide up and down to attain the perfect location. The back of the strike has three ridges that will dig into the wood once screwed in. This prevents any movement. There is also an additional screw hole on the strike in case you are using laminated material. This will keep the strike from turning out of alignment.

Four 1/2″ long screws are provided, allowing easy installation on typical 3/4″ material. Each package contains the strike and screws packed separately, making sure the parts are not in contact with each other during transit. This prevents any scratching.

When installing, put the catch on the door, 1/8″ higher than the inside cabinet floor. This should align with the strike installed on the cabinet floor. When closing the door, the catch hits the strike, retracts the catch enough to go around the front of the strike, then latches behind the strike securing the door in place.

Also for the Top

Since this unit is spring-loaded and doesn’t rely on gravity, it can also be installed on the inside top of the cabinet. The catch and strike are only seen when the door is open, but if Bright Nickel is not your favorite color, Satin Brass is also available.


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