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Berenson, Bathroom, Cabinet Hardware, Modern, Minimalist
Berenson, Bathroom, Cabinet Hardware, Modern, Minimalist

10 Home Upgrades to Start the Decade Off Right

New year, who dis? Let us help you set a new year’s resolution to upgrade your home and achieve a new look. Who wouldn’t mind a little luxurious look and feel in their home? Updating your home is easy, and we make it simple. The Hardware Hut has two great places to start upgrading your home, color, and style. Changing the finish and style of your hardware will give your entire home a new feel. The Hardware Hut 2020 edition is ringing in the new year with bright brass and timeless black finishes. We hope you enjoy these ten home upgrades.

Two Words: Matte Black

Lewis Dolin, a long-standing company out of New York, recently released a new finish in Matte Black that will really give your space a modern and up-to-date feel. The 3’ c.c Square Cabinet bar pulls are our most popular item. They are offered in both a matte black and a brilliant brushed brass finish. Explore Lewis Dolin’s Matte Black Hardware >

Endless Customization

Emtek offers a fairly unique program with its door hardware. They are now offering an option to completely customize door handle sets. You can have a split finish and a split style now. Do you like the Helios handle but the Square Rosette? No problem. Do you want the rosette in black and the handle in brass? Sounds like a plan. Emtek even offers keypad entry sets and smart deadbolts that can be unlocked from an app on your phone! These customizable options make it a clear choice to be in your top ten home upgrades list. Browse All Emtek’s Style and Color Options >

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Modern and Luxurious

Another great brand is Belwith Keeler. It carries the Firenze line, which is not only split finishes but also a super luxurious and modern look for your bathroom vanity. Mixing black marble with brass to create a unique look will give your space a wonderful update with little effort. Explore Belwith Keeler’s Collections >

Panel Ready Appliance Pulls

Paneled appliances are becoming more popular. A refrigerator that looks identical to your kitchen cabinets means you no longer have to worry if your new appliance will clash with your current kitchen layout. We offer Panel Ready Appliance pulls to help you match your kitchen hardware, especially if you are wanting to update that as well. Shop Panel Ready Appliance Pulls >

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Amba Towel Warmers

Amba Towel Warmers are a great addition to any bathroom. We have freestanding options, as well as wall mounted towel warmers, that will help you add style, class, and warmth to the room. Their freestanding towel warmers are a great addition to any home and don’t require drilled holes. All you need is a standard wall plug. Browse Amba Towel Warmers > 

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Waste Baskets and Compost Bins

For those looking for ways to help the environment by recycling waste, Rev-A-Shelf offers a wastebasket and compost bin pull out system you may want to consider. Not only are you able to hide an unsightly garbage can, but now you can also do your part to make the world a better place by composting. Start a new windowsill garden, show your kiddos how to plant and grow their vegetables, and turn your trash into something good for the environment. Shop Rev-A-Shelf’s Solutions >

Pro Tip: Learn More about Searching Waste and Recycling on Our Site >

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The further into the future we get, the more minimalistic styles are becoming popular. One of the best options for that would be with edge pulls. Emtek and Berenson have stylish lines of edge pulls which are great options for newly installed drawers.

Shop Emtek >   Shop Berenson >

Did Someone Say Modern Farmhouse?

Barn doors are also increasingly more popular as time goes on. We offer great styles like Knape and Vogt’s Santiago Style Barn Door Carrier Kit that has everything you need to get your barn door mounted and functional. There are a variety of different hanger styles to choose from so you can find the right hanger to match your decor.

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Your Future is Bright with LED Lighting

The future is bright, so why not upgrade your space with Tresco Snap Panel LED lighting? It is fairly inexpensive and easy to install. The 3″ Snap Panels give you the ability to customize the light placement. Tresco has a vast selection of lighting options for any space. They even offer wireless dimmers that can adjust the lighting from across the room to match the mood. Their flex tape lighting gives you the ability to wrap yourself in perfect lighting. You can choose warmer or cooler lighting, and they have guides to help you select the right lighting for your room. See All Tresco’s Lighting Solutions >

First Impressions Start at the Door

Let’s talk about upgrading your front door. Did you know that you can pull on a doorknob without turning it and get into your home? Brinks released a line of Push, Pull, Rotate entry sets that give you the ability to access your house without having to put down a heavy load of groceries. They offer both keyed and keyless entry options that you can mix and match to give you the ultimate access to your home. Take a Look at the Ganyon Knob Set >

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In All, 10 Home Upgrades

Now, let’s start 2020 off right and get yourself some new hardware and accessories from The Hardware Hut. If you have any questions, please contact us or connect with us on Facebook.