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The Hardware Hut, Blog, Cabinet Hardware, DIY, Reviews, Doors

A Saturday DIY Project with Hafele Cabinet Track

When building a cabinet with bypass doors, you have a few options for the track. By far, my favorite track is the Hafele concealed profile track. It takes extra work to prepare the cabinet, but once installed, you’ll love the Hafele cabinet track.

Door Requirements

Each door requires two tracks, two top guides, and two bottom rollers. We sell the track in two options: a single piece at 98-7/16” or two pieces at 49″ each. Due to shipping charges, it is much cheaper for you to use the 49″ pieces. You can do two, three, or even four doors, if you wish. Your doors need to be at least 3/4″ thick but can be thicker if you choose. Assuming your opening is 49″ or less and you are doing only two doors, then the delivered cost of the track and guides/rollers is less than $85 to the lower 48 states.

Prep the Cabinet/Doors

To prep the cabinet, you will need to route out a 1/4″ wide x 3/8″ deep channel on the floor and ceiling of the cabinet opening for each door you’ll be installing. Be mindful of how thick the doors are and where you’ll make the channels. You’ll then cut the plastic track to the required length and insert the track into the routered area. The track has little fins on the back to hold it in place.

Cut your doors 5/16″ shorter than your opening. The doors get four 1-3/8″ diameter holes (35mm) for the upper guides and bottom rollers. Mark the center of the 1-3/8″ hole 1/2″ up from the bottom and down from the top of the door and 1-9/16″ from the center of the holes to the side of the door. Drill the holes 1/2″ deep.

Install the Doors

The upper guides and bottom rollers are also press fit in, just like the track. Little fins on the sides hold them in place. The door deepest in the cabinet goes in first. Tilt the top away from you and insert the door into the opening. Set the bottom roller with a guide into the bottom track, then tilt the door towards you to line up with the top track. Reach behind the door and, using the button on the guide, slide the button up to engage the guide into the track. The upper guide has two settings so you can adjust it further if needed. The bottom roller also has an adjustment using a flat head screwdriver. You can raise the door a few millimeters to make the perfect fit.

Hafele Cabinet Track Questions

Have any questions on Hafele cabinet track? Our top-tier customer service team would be glad to help! Reach out to us or connect with us on Facebook.

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