Style Spotlight: Belwith Keeler Hardware - The Hardware Hut
Belwith Hardware, Verona, Cabinet Knobs, Pulls
Belwith Hardware, Verona, Cabinet Knobs, Pulls

Style Spotlight: Belwith Keeler Hardware

Belwith Keeler has been a staple to The Hardware Hut for several years. They have been another long-standing supplier for us, and we love seeing the new styles they release. They always have great options to choose from, and we wanted to highlight a few of them for you.


These elegant and traditional pulls give a scalloped edge coupled with a romantic feel. The Verona collection offers knobs, pull handles, as well as cup pulls to work with the desired look. They offer a gorgeous and unique Highlighted Oil Rubbed Bronze finish, which gives this piece a very special pop of color.

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Above featured image is from the Verona collection.

Studio II

This classic collection pulls together straight edges with a raised center for a flawless look. Offered in knobs, pull handles, cup pulls and matching hooks, this collection will give a clean-cut look to any area of your home while drawing it all together.

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Belwith, Hardware, Studio II

Vintage 1900

With framed edges and a casual appeal, the Vintage 1900 collection is a vibrant and versatile option for upgrading hardware. Making this even more vintage, Belwith offers this fantastic set in a Black Iron finish. This line consists of knobs, cup pulls, pull handles with 3” and 5” c.c. pull options, and matching cabinet latches.

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Belwith Keeler, Vintage 1900, Cabinet Hardware, Style Spotlight


Add a bit of whimsy with the Caspian collection. A sleek look with a wavy face is a classy and subtle choice for any room of the house. You can choose from their round knobs, rectangular knobs, and pull handles to find the perfect vibe. This style will stand out with a bright Polished Chrome finish or be a bit subtle with an Antique Pewter finish.

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Belwith Keeler, Caspian, Hardware Collection


This collection, inspired by nature, is an incredibly daring and artistic look. They have a variety of knobs and pulls to add the exact amount of movement in your cabinets. Evermore uniquely designed, the select finishes of Antique Nickel, Antique Rose Gold, Vintage Bronze, and Vintage Nickel will give you even more options to fill your room with beauty.

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Belwith Keeler, Amaranta Cabinet Hardware Collection


The Trellis line has a quatrefoil pattern to add sophistication and class to any room. With three different style knobs, cabinet pulls, and appliance pulls, you can fill your kitchen with a gorgeous style that matches all the way around. Get creative with Flat Ultra Brass and Elusive Golden Nickel finishes. Stand out with this collection.

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Belwith Keeler, Trellis, Hardware, The Hardware Hut

Belwith Keeler continues to outshine the competition and is a clear contender when selecting hardware. Take a look at Belwith’s product offerings, and, as always, please contact or connect with us on Facebook if you have questions.