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Grant 1230 Series Ball-Bearing Carrier Set, Cabinet Track
Grant 1230 Series Ball-Bearing Carrier Set, Cabinet Track

Track and Carriers for Single and Biparting Sliding Doors

Track and Carriers, Single and Biparting Sliding Doors, Cabinet Track, The Hardware HutA call or email we receive frequently regards track and carriers for single and biparting sliding doors. Customers have them installed when a wheel breaks on a carrier, or a carrier gets lost when taking down the door for some reason. Once in a while customers have a carrier, while other times they don’t. We will then be contacted with the wheel diameter and the center-to-center width on the carrier, which the wheels are attached to. If they don’t have a wheel, we use the track dimensions and profile to see if we have a carrier to fit.

Unfortunately, this is not the simplest of tasks, as the carriers are not universal. Of the nine-track series we offer for single and biparting doors, no two use the identical carriers. Each manufacturer makes their tracks and carriers unique.

Let’s Break it Down

Below is a chart showing the shapes (I Beam or Box) of the track, brand/series, track width and height, series of the carriers for that track, wheel diameters on the carriers, and wheel centers. Wheel centers are measured when looking at the carrier on a profile view. You then measure the center of one wheel to the center of the other wheel.

Shape Track Series Width Height Carrier Series Wheel Diameter Wheel Centers
I BEAM GRANT 1201 1-7/8” 1-5/16” GRANT 1210 & 1230 1” 1/2”
I BEAM GRANT 7001 1-13/16” 15/16” GRANT 7000 3/4” 3/8”
BOX GRANT 50E 1-3/8” 13/16” GRANT 75E 9/16” 15/16”
BOX GRANT 150E 1-5/8” 1” GRANT 150E 3/4” 1-3/16”
BOX STANLEY BP250 1-13/16” 1-3/16” BP150 & BP250 15/16” 1-1/8”
BOX JOHNSON 100 1-3/4” 1-1/4” 1120 & 1125 1” 1-3/16”
BOX JOHNSON 111 1-3/16” 1” JOHNSON 111 3/4” 13/16”
I BEAM JOHNSON 200WM 1-7/8” 1-5/16” JOHNSON 2020 1” 9/16”
BOX JOHNSON 2610F 2-1/8” 1-1/4” *** 1120 & 1125 1” 1-3/16”

The above chart is best viewed on a desktop or laptop computer, or in landscape mode on a mobile device.

Note: On the last option, this track is a barn-door-type setup with a fascia. The track height does not include the wall bracket and fascia.

We hope the chart above helps if you have a broken carrier. If you have lost your carrier and only have the track, seeing a profile view of the track we carry may help you to identify your track and the width and height dimensions above. Shown below are profile views of the above tracks, with the carriers set inside, so you can have a clear view of what they look like.

Track and Carriers, Single and Biparting Sliding Doors, Cabinet Track, The Hardware Hut

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