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Bravo, Cabinet Hardware, The Hardware Hut, Collection
Bravo, Cabinet Hardware, The Hardware Hut, Collection

Berenson Hardware Styles and Designs

This past year was big for Berenson Hardware. With fantastic styles and designs, they’ve quickly become a favorite for The Hardware Hut customers. Berenson offers four outstanding series of hardware to help you find the proper style to fit your needs. Their collections are Classic Comfort, Uptown Appeal, Timeless Charm and Artisan Inspired. They brighten any area with their classic and traditional styles and are pushing the limits by embracing the ever-changing market. This year alone, they have released nine new finishes and two new pull length options. They are constantly updating their styles and finishes to follow suit with what is in demand.

Starting the year out strong, they released the following finishes: Black, Matte Black, Brushed Copper, Graphite, Modern Brushed Gold, Polished Copper, Polished Chrome, Satin Gold, and Vintage Nickel.

Berenson Hardware Classic Collections with New Finishes

Aspire: Adds class and elegance with a beautifully confident look. Shop Aspire >

Berenson, Hardware, Aspire, Cabinet Knobs and Pulls, Hardware

Meadow: Easy on the eyes, natural, and uncomplicated. Explore Meadow >

Berenson Meadow

Tempo: Sleek, steel bar design with beveled edges. Browse Tempo >

Tempo, The Hardware Hut, Berenson Hardware, Cabinet Knobs and Pulls

Uptown Appeal Collections with New Finishes

Bravo: Lightweight, clean, and minimalist style. View the Bravo Collection >

Bravo, Cabinet Hardware, The Hardware Hut, Collection

Elevate: Distinct design, straight edges, up to date style. Explore the Evevate Collection >

Elevate, Berenson, Collection, The Hardware Hut

Metro: Clean appearance, sleek, and contemporary. See the Metro Collection >

Metro Collections, Bathroom, Kitchen, Hardware

Timeless Collection with New Finishes

Hearthstone: Strong and sturdy, smooth surfaces with defined edges. Explore Hearthstone >

Berenson Hardware, Hearthstone, Hardware

Taking their hardware to new lengths, Berenson released their pull handles for appliances in 17-⅝” and 18″ c.c.

R. Christensen, a premium hardware option by Berenson Hardware, has two additional product series to take note of. The Spectrum series has beautiful accent pieces that are charming and unique. Adding a pop of color or a touch of glass can create a buzz in any room you decide to put these art pieces in. The Art-Tech series has a crisp, clean and futuristic feel. These pieces are sleek, modern, and updated options to bring your home into the future.

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Berenson continues to offer gorgeous styles and top-notch hardware to work with your vision; take a look. If you have any questions regarding Berenson and what they have to offer, feel free to contact us or connect with us on Facebook.