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Style Spotlight with Lew’s Hardware

The popularity contest stops here. Award-winning designer Lewis Dolin blew his competition out of the water with his incredible lines of decorative hardware for kitchen cabinets. Lew’s Hardware is leading the way with its designs. I spoke with Lew personally, and he shared that “I still do all my designing with basic tools—a ruler, triangle, and drafting pencil—and I still don’t own a cell-phone.” Lew continues to strive for excellence and has started supplying more modern finishes, such as their new line of Black Nickel hardware. Style and class have met their match with the variety Lewis Dolin has to offer. Our top selling product site-wide is from Lew’s Hardware. Below are a few styles to spark your creativity when considering updating your cabinets.

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Square Bar Series

Lew's Hardware, Lew Dolin, Cabinet HardwareThe #1 selling item on our site falls in this series. The 3″ c.c Square Cabinet Bar Pull in Brushed Brass is currently rated our top seller. The series spans from 3″-20″c.c. options, allowing you to fill your kitchen with gorgeous, eye-catching pieces of any size. You can stick with the ever popular Brushed Brass, or venture into the other finishes offered.

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Round Bar Series

Round Series, Lew's Hardware, Lew Dolin, Cabinet HardwareFollowing closely behind, the Round Bar Series offers another great choice if you are looking for a softer, less blunt, and still versatile option. The same lengths are offered for these bar pulls in stunning Brushed Brass and Black Stainless Steel. Lew’s Hardware also offers brackets to turn the longer bar pulls into towel bars. It’s surprisingly easy!
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Barrel Bar Series

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If you didn’t have enough options with bar pulls, Lew started out in 2002 with this great line of Barrel Pulls. They have a bubbly and quirky vibe while still maintaining standard class. You can select from their T-shaped knobs or just a singular barrel, and you’ve got size variations for pulls from 3″-6″ c.c. Classic finishes are offered while giving you wonderful style choices.

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Glass Hardware Series

Glass Hardware, Lew's Hardware, Lew Dolin, Cabinet Hardware

Introduced in 2004 at the KBIS trade show when no one was doing glass bin pulls (they were all doing metal ones), Lew broke the mold and showed the world his newest design, Glass Bin Pulls. Lew brought forth great glass options to add a touch of color to your home. They have a Melon line to give you more style choices with scalloped glass and the Acorn Knobs collection to give yet another shape option. The glass can be clear or opaque, so that you have frosted glass or clear colors. You can select their mushroom shaped knobs or their standard cup pulls to give your space just the right look.

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Metal Hardware Series

Following suit with cup pulls and knobs, Lew’s Hardware offers amazing finish options with metal hardware. From Antique Copper to Polished Brass, Lew continues to outshine his competitors with his continued style and elegance.

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Retro Hardware Series

Travel back in time with Lew as he brings back some fantastic color choices in his Retro Hardware series. He takes a walk on the wild side with bright and vivid colors, mixed with classic polished chrome finish. If you are looking to uphold that retro style but update the hardware, take a look at these great options.

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Level Series

Surrounding Lew and his old school tastes, these traditional pulls combine function and fashion. Lew crossed into a much quirkier territory with this series. It is a 6″ bright yellow ruler and comes equipped with a level built into the handle. It may come in only one pull option, 3″-3-¾” optional c.c. spacing, but it stands out of the ordinary. This would be such a great pull for a carpentry store or even a craft room, and it is worth a glance.

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Lew is a spitfire of a guy, once compared to “a 70s Dustin Hoffman.” He is determined to make sure every order that he works on is exactly what the customer needs. Lew still, to this day, is working hand-and-hand with his warehouse to make sure each and every order is filled in a timely manner and exceeds expectations. He has released a great video to help first-timers with installing hardware and shares some great tips along the way. Take a look at what Lew’s Hardware has to offer.

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