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Emtek, Hardware, Door, Living Room
Emtek, Hardware, Door, Living Room

Out with the New and in with the Old! Vintage Hardware

The majority of the world sleeps in modern, cookie-cutter design homes, with updated and crisp styles for everything involved. Little do they know, there is still a vast need for vintage hardware. Not everyone desires to live in the future; some may aspire to celebrate the past. Vintage hardware features more detail and design qualities that give each piece history to hold on to. It is often adorned with character faces or floral patterns while tending to look more elegant and royal.

There are countless ways you can keep a more unique and traditional style in your home by retrofitting your cabinets, doors, and furniture. Simply by changing a standard pull to a bail pull or updating the finish from the average, everyday satin nickel to a bright brass or aged bronze, you can give your home the old world look and feel you are aiming for. Below are a few vintage selections that will give your project a blast from the past.

Bail/Pendant/Ring Pulls

A wildly popular style for drawer pulls is frequently used when considering vintage hardware. Bail pulls, pendant, and ring pulls take your project on a walk through history by adding a touch of style and class to your furniture or cabinets. Belwith Keeler offers a beautiful selection of pendant and furniture pulls that are the bee’s knees. B&M hardware has a vast variety of bail pulls as well. Some come with a Fleur de lis styled backplate and some with beaded pull handles and more intricate designs. Even Top Knobs gets in on the vintage action by offering some delightfully inspired ring pull options.

Door Knobs

Simple bevels, rope, and delicate line work features are all a major part of the vintage theme. Sometimes all three can be included in one design creating the ultimate vintage appearance. Crystal knobs and boisterous details can spice things up. Emtek is leading the way in customizing hardware for doors and includes their more vintage looks. They have so many options that will make you dance on the ceiling. Nostalgic Warehouse gives the rest of the door hardware options a run for their money when claiming to have vintage character. With beveled edges, incredible details and classic finishes, you can’t go wrong with one of their pieces.

Vintage Cabinet Hardware, Emtek, Door Knobs

Left to Right: Nostalgic Warehouse Grandeur Windsor Fifth Avenue Door KnobsetEmtek Old Town Clear Crystal Door Knobset w/Regular Rosette

Door Accessories

Why not add a beautiful door knocker to your door? Deltana offers its Victorian line of door knockers, which have optional viewers. This way, you always know who is at your door. Brass Accents have incredible options in door knockers including a gorgeous lion knocker that will upgrade any door they are placed on. Looking for the right door pull that has the best old fashioned feel? Acorn offers a great line with their Rough Iron collection. Not only are you getting a vintage design, but the finish also plays a major role. Adding a new doorbell button to your entryway is a fabulous step to upgrade the space to a more vintage look. Waterwood has a stunning line of doorbell buttons that give you options for size to fit right in with your decor.

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Left to Right: Brass Accents 7-1/2″ (191mm) Lion Door Knocker – Polished BrassDeltana Victorian Rope Door Knocker with 180° Door Viewer (Flat Black)Acorn Rough Iron 10-1/2″ (267mm) Door Pull – (Black), Waterwood Solid Brass Small Fleur De Lis Doorbell Button – (Pewter)

Additional Vintage Hardware

House numbers from Atlas Homewares’ Jagged Hammer collection have a dimpled appearance, with rough and jagged edges that stand out. They are inspiringly out of the average and will give your home a fully vintage and rustic feel. Floor registers are becoming less common but can have creative designs. The Acorn Cast Iron Grille floor registers have beautiful lines and are very eye-catching.

Vintage Hardware Accessories

Left to Right: Atlas Homewares Jagged Hammered 5-1/2″ (140mm) House Numbers – #0 (Aged Bronze), Acorn Cast Iron Grille – 12x4in. (Black)

If you are interested in finding items like these items on our website, you can search “Vintage,” “Rustic,” or “Old World” and find a variety of hardware that you can use to pull that vintage appeal into your home. We have endless options.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us or connect with us on Facebook.

Featured image from Emtek.com, Old Town Clear Crystal Knob. Photo Credit: Lisa Diederich