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Rev-A-Shelf, The Hardware Hut, New Products, Shelving, Organization, Kitchen
Rev-A-Shelf, The Hardware Hut, New Products, Shelving, Organization, Kitchen

Rev-A-Shelf New Product Spotlight

Rev-A-Shelf has been a long-standing member of The Hardware Hut. We love the creativity and versatility that they have to offer. Rev-A-Shelf has found new and appealing ways to make your house a home by making movement and functionality a priority. Rev-A-Shelf presents you with a multitude of options that make living life easier. They offer access to every part of your cabinets, drawers, and closets by simply adding some hardware to make the most of your space. Rev-A-Shelf recently released new products that will make your life more blissful, take a look.

Pull Out Shelving by Rev-A-Shelf

Having your cabinets stationery can create some difficulty when trying to maximize space and access. Adding a pull out shelving system to your cabinets makes accessing even the furthest depths of your cabinets easy. Suitable for multiple width cabinets, these pull out shelving systems give you the ability to take advantage of the taller cabinets that you can’t always use. Their newest pull out shelves even come with soft close features so that you don’t have to worry about the cabinets slamming shut.

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Undersink Drip Trays

Sinks overflow, cleaning products get knocked over or spill, it can be a mess under your sink and you might not notice. Rev-A-Shelf makes cleaning under your sink super simple with drip trays. They fit perfectly under your sink, are made of polymer and are designed to drain any water that may build-up, to the front of the cabinet and out so that you are made aware of the spill or leak. Partnering the Undersink Drip Trays with an Undersink Pull Out Basket creates an ideal organized under sink area with easy cleanup.

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Filler Organizers

Rev-A-Shelf, Pull Out Trays, Storage, Kitchen, WoodHaving a hard time using your 6” wide cabinet? Rev-A-Shelf has an astonishing line of filler organizers for those pesky small cabinets. 3”, 6”, 9” wide cabinet struggles are a thing of the past when you install one of their cabinet organizers. They utilize the unused space in your small cabinets. They give you the ability to reorganize by freeing up some extra space elsewhere in your kitchen. These filler organizers are great for spices or wine bottles and glasses. If you’ve got some unusable cabinet space, take a look at these filler organizers and the options they offer to you.

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Rev-A-Shelf has so much more to help you utilize the space in your home and keep it organized. Keep a lookout for more fresh releases from Rev-A-Shelf. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us or connect with us on Facebook. We would love to help you!