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Let’s Learn About Field Enterprise

Field Enterprise has been a long-standing partner with The Hardware Hut since 2009. They have an impressive line of door stops that have brought popularity to their brand. Their decorative and unique designs are appealing to the eye and are on a smaller, yet more precise scale. While they are best known for their door stops, they additionally offer cabinet hardware among other products. We can provide any of their items in all of the finishes they offer. Just let us know so we can special order it.

Door Stops

Field Enterprise, Door StopWith all different shapes and sizes, floor and wall-mounted or even chain stops, Field Enterprise pushes the limits to bring elegance and creativity with their designs. Did you know that Field works with Swarovski Crystals in some of their door stops? That’s not the only intricate idea they have. They also have beautifully designed tops to a multitude of their door stops. They can be an extremely small piece of decorative hardware that will bring a smile to your face.

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Cabinet Hardware

Field Enterprise, Cabinet Pull, HardwareRing pulls are a popular style of cabinet hardware for people who are looking outside the box. Field Enterprise has a selection of geometric ring pulls that suit your existing decor. From square to round and other shapes in between, Field truly has an exceptional handle on the market. Minimalist designs and classic finishes, Field has quite a bit to offer when looking for that great, modern ring pull to complete a look.

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Robe Hooks

Field Enterprise, Robe Hooks, HardwareField Enterprise has a small but notable line of robe hooks. They come in two, three, or four hook options with both square and round hooks. As always, any finish they offer is available to match your current hardware. They are beautifully placed on a fresh and sleek backplate and are easy to install. These hooks are decorative and functional, which means you are getting a fabulous deal when you invest in them.

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Field Enterprise

Field Enterprise has beautifully crafted hardware options that you may have passed on. If you are looking for unique designs, great quality, and something out of the norm, Field might be an attractive fit. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us or connect with us on Facebook. Our expert customer service team is ready to help and answer all of your questions!