Our 100th Issue! - The Hardware Hut
Element Designs, The Hardware Hut, eCubed Shelving System
Element Designs, The Hardware Hut, eCubed Shelving System

Our 100th Issue!

We have published 100 blog issues! Wow! Since The Hardware Hut started writing articles and introduced our blog in April of 2019, we have received excellent feedback! Here we are, 100 articles later! Our blogs are written by either our employees, vendors, or interior designers. Each author has real-world experience in the hardware industry. Our blog topics are often driven by customer requests and inquiries. Some blogs are inspired by projects that you, the customer, have brought to our attention and have sparked us to help educate the market on. We have had an exciting year releasing new products and experiencing the products at KBIS that come from our manufacturers in the future. We continue to grow and develop more of an understanding and love for hardware as we see it evolve and develop.

Did you know that you can apply to be an author with The Hardware Hut? The Hardware Hut continues to release new and compelling blogs, and you can get in on the action. In three easy steps, you can become part of The Hardware Hut’s blogging community. Designers, contractors, or anyone who finds themselves in a project and wants to share their experience, please let us know. We would love to hear from you. Simply want to know more about a product, but don’t want to write a blog yourself? Let us know and we will write a post on it!

We have a few new products that we highlight from Sugatsune, Emtek, and Element Designs.


New from Sugatsune, the Aileron Lift Assist Lid Stay system is a great addition to your overhead cabinets. Easy installation is also an exciting feature with this system and was heavily highlighted by our marketing and design team. Your cabinet will slowly close with minimal effort and will also open more naturally. The lift-assisted lid stays wowed us when we saw them in action at KBIS. This system creates a continuous soft closing movement that is so smooth it’s hard to believe at first. We are excited to have this system on our website because we know how it works, it’s even featured on our Instagram and Facebook.

Explore Aileron Lift Assist Lid Stays >

Aileron, Lid Stay, Hardware Hut

Locking Barn Doors

Emtek has now released locking barn doors! Another great discovery from KBIS was the new simple privacy locking barn doors. Emtek brought us a gorgeous line of barn door hardware. Now they can be locked into place. These locks look marvelous and are straightforward to use. Minimalist design and simple movements make this a welcome addition to any home with a barn door. We look forward to seeing what else Emtek releases as the year progresses.

Browse Emtek’s Locking Barn Door Hardware >

°eCubed Shelving

New to The Hardware Hut, Element Designs stormed on the KBIS scene and brought bold and beautiful floating shelves. These incredible shelves are a modern and creative way to add additional storage while creating a uniform look. Streamlined designs make these shelves a wonderful option to make life easier. Floating shelves have become increasingly more popular over the last few years and are continuing as an ever-popular trend. No visible brackets or hardware appeals to those looking for a minimal stylistic option. This design gives you function and style while allowing you to stack them in any shape that works for you. Available in three standard sizes, two great finishes, and glass color options. Easy assembly and flexible customization options make this shelving unit, the new “it” item.

The Hardware Hut, Element Designs, eCubed, Shelving

Ready for more? The Hardware Hut is always releasing new and exciting products. We try to bring them to light with these articles. Do you want to be part of it? Apply now and start writing with us! Have questions about a specific item? Contact us and we can get a blog tailored to that item to help educate you.

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