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ADA Shower Seat
ADA Shower Seat

ADA Compliant Bathroom Accessibility and Safety

Recently I’ve been privy to a couple of renovations at my parent’s house. Unfortunately, the circumstances for their remodels were less by choice, than by random happenstance. They discovered some significant and dangerous damage to their bathroom. They couldn’t ignore it anymore so they decided not only to repair but fully upgrade their bathroom accessibility features. Months went by and the progress was slow but it is finally complete! I received photos the other day of the final touches to complete their bathroom and something hit me like a freight train. My parents made some choices with their remodel I didn’t expect, and it put a thought in my head I couldn’t shake. There, on the wall of their beautiful new stand-in shower, was a grab bar. I had not considered the thought that it might be time to reconsider some safety options for them, until now.

Bathroom safety and accessibility becomes more important during different points of life. Making sure that the updates you’ll make to your home are safe for anyone to use and most of all, compliant to the ADA standards can be challenging. The ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) states that standards are needing to ensure that everything is accessible to people with disabilities. This can be absolutely 100% required in a remodel that you’re working on, or just a smart choice to increase resale value. We have ADA Compliant hardware and accessories that truly create a fully functional and accessible environment. We have fantastic options to help you create a safer environment for your loved ones or customers.

Lady in towel, grab bar toilet paper

Grab Bars for Accessible Bathrooms

Grab bars are a popular addition to any home or job site. There are many styles and variations to meet your needs.

The most popular being the folding grab bars from Extend-a-Hand. Supports up to 600lbs and is very easy to use. Grab Bar, Bathroom Accessibility HardwareGrab Bar

Commercial needs can be a bit different, Seachrome offers the GST-360480QCR 36”X48” Commercial Grab Bar. Supports up to 900 lbs and meets all ADA compliance and safety requirements necessary for the job.

Toilet paper holders can come with grab bars such as the INV-WTRH, shown above. Both discrete and stylish, supports up to 500 lbs giving your loved ones security in an attractive way.

For a more modern style the GWR-3330QCR Pismo 30″ Curved Grab Bar has a flowing gentle curve to it that make this a great choice when families are trying to make minimal and beautiful adjustments for safer living.

Shower Seat, Bathroom Accessibility Hardware

Shower Seats

I recently received a call about a shower seat that brought them to the forefront of my mind. Choosing the right shower seat based on comfort and style is less common than ease of use and overall function.

Our most popular shower seat is the SSB-240150 PT from Seachrome. This bench style folding shower seat with Lift Assist, maximizes function and ease of use. The lift assist ensures that it will require less than 5 lbs of force to put it in its upright position for use.


There are a lot of ways for your bathroom to become more accessible. Adding some small accessories can create a more functional space. There are also accessories required to meet job site standards and we have those too.

Mirrors are great, when you can see yourself in them. Sometimes that can be a challenge. We have a wide variety of mirror options to consider. The 1411-CHROME from Gatco is a fantastic option to make a lower or closer mirror visibility point. This model attaches to the wall and folds up against it so it does not take up much space.

Bathroom Accessibility HardwareShower baskets like Deltana’s WBC1310-U15 create a more accessible point for soap and shampoo. There is a fantastic selection of baskets and shelves for the shower that can meet your needs.

Making sure you have proper ADA signage can be a very important part of a project. Don-Jo has you covered with a wide array of signage options including ADA Unisex door signs can be the best sign to post in a variety of situations. Family bathrooms, office settings, etc. can all use this sign and plenty of others from Don-Jo.

If you are looking for ADA Compliant hardware,  we have a multitude of bathroom accessibility options for you. Simply search “ADA Compliant” on our website for all the items that fall into this category.  We want to offer you comfort in knowing that when you purchase ADA compliant hardware from us that it is true to its claim. All of the items on our website that state they are compliant with the ADA standards, have been specified through the manufacturer.

More about Bathroom Accessibility

If you have any questions about bathroom accessibility, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us or connect with us on Facebook.