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Browse our selection of high quality cabinet hinges including overlay hinges, 3/8 inset hinges, concealed hinges, demountable hinges, variable overlay hinges, reverse bevel hinges, continuous piano hinges, and more in multiple finishes that complement a wide variety of cabinetry styles. Featuring leading manufacturers Deltana, Sugatsune, Amerock, Schaub, Hickory Hardware and more.

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Choosing the right functional or decorative cabinet hinges are an important part of the cabinet hardware selection process. Cabinet door hinges can also add personality to your kitchen cabinets and bathroom cabinets and make a perfect complement to your cabinet knobs and pulls.

Types Of Cabinet Hinges

Hinges for cabinets come in various functions, styles and finishes. Brass hinges and black cabinet hinges draw the eye and can add a flash of color to your cabinets.  Concealed hinges for cabinets hide hardware for a sleek, attractive appearance.

Hardware Hut features many cabinet hinges and hinge types, including overlay hinges, 3/8 inset hinges, concealed hinges, demountable hinges, variable overlay hinges, reverse bevel hinges, continuous piano hinges, and more in finishes that compliment a wide variety of cabinetry styles and decor.

  • 3/8" Inset and Lipped Cabinet Door Hinges are currently sought after as a replacement hinge for older, mid-century era cabinets designed with a 3/8" lipped edge door that sits into the face frame.
  • Concealed European Hinges are kitchen cabinet hinges that cannot be seen from the outside when the cabinet door is closed.
  • Demountable Hinges have an tombstone shaped insert plate that fits into a slot in the cabinet door, allowing easy mounting and dismounting.
  • Mortise Butt Hinges feature one plate that is recessed into the cabinet door and one attaches to the cabinet jamb. The result is a door that sits flush with the jamb.
  • Non-Mortise Butt & Wrap Hinges eliminate the need to mortise the door while providing a near-zero gap.
  • Overlay Cabinet Hinges are traditionally used on face frame cabinets. Overlay hinges for cabinets feature semi-concealed styling, with some styles offering self-closing dual compression springs.
  • Reverse Bevel Hinges have a frame wing that wraps around the frame, allowing the door to overlap the cabinet frame.
  • Continuous Piano Hinges can be used for various applications such as chest lids and are designed to run the length of the door or panel.

Choosing the Right Cabinet Hinges

How do you choose the right cabinet door hinges for your protection? If you’re designing new cabinetry, select your cabinet hinges during the design phase, and check that the hinge hardware you want is available.
Check the manufacturer stamp on the hinge itself if you're replacing existing hinges. This helps you find replacement hinges that match your original hinges' dimensions and installation requirements.  

Cabinet Hinge Terminology

Cabinet hinges are not complicated hardware but vary widely in appearance. Knowing the hinge parts will help you choose the right hardware for your project.

  • Knuckle: The hollow circular joint of the hinge. The pin passes through the knuckle. Hinge knuckles are also called curls, joints, nodes, or loops.
  • Pin: The metal pin that holds the hinge wings or leaves together.
  • Frame Wing: The metal wing that attaches to the cabinet frame.
  • Door Wing. The metal wing that attaches to the cabinet door.