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Secure your cabinets with cabinet locks.

Browse our selection of keyed cabinet locks and accessories including electronic combination cabinet locks, pin tumbler cabinet locks, disc tumbler cabinet locks, cam locks, combination cabinet locks, plunger locks, ratchet showcase locks, replacement cams, replacement strikes and more. We offer in-house keying for your convenience including keyed alike, keyed different or keyed different and master keyed solutions.

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Cabinet Locks

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Hardware Hut offers keyed cabinet locks and accessories of all types including electronic combination cabinet locks, file cabinet locks, child-proof cabinet locks, kitchen cabinet locks, combination cabinet locks, plunger locks, ratchet showcase locks, replacement cams, replacement strikes and more. We provide an in-house locksmith and keying for your convenience, including keyed alike, keyed different, or master keyed options. Contact our expert sales team for additional information on our keying solutions.

Keyed Cabinet Door and Drawer Locks

Keep valuables, medication, and important documents safe with our selection of keyed cabinet locks and cabinet drawer locks. Ideal for businesses and healthcare environments, keyed locks have applications in homes as well, as a way to keep children out of medicine cabinets or to secure valuables. 

Keyed Cam Locks

One of the most popular cabinet door locks, keyed cam locks consist of a keyed nut and cam, or tongue bar, that locks into position when the key turns. Popular choices for file cabinet locks, keyed cam locks also make effective child-proof cabinet locks for medicine cabinets or cleaning supply storage. 

Need child-proof cabinet locks but don’t want to have to drill holes through your cabinet doors? The Rev-a-Lock Cabinet Security System offers a way to install child-proof cabinet locks without marring the outer surface of your cabinets. 

Combination And Keyless Cabinet Locks

Add extra security to your education, retail, or healthcare cabinets with combination cabinet door locks and RFID-operated Stealthlock keyless locking systems. These are also an ideal solution for gyms, locker rooms and spas. In residential spaces, these same keyless cabinet locks are a great solution for securing liquor cabinets, gun racks, entertainment units, and display cases or to keep your personal belongings safe in vacation rentals and Airbnb type settings.

Glass Door Locks

Glass cabinet door locks allow retail outlets to display products under secure conditions. Popular in educational and healthcare environments, glass door locks have a range of applications, such as trophy showcases in schools or securing valuables and preventing children from accessing fragile or potentially harmful items. 

Cabinet Lock Replacement Parts

Need a replacement strike, cam, or other parts for your cabinet or drawer locks? Hardware Hut provides a range of cabinet lock parts to help you repair or replace your existing lock systems. Whatever you need, kitchen cabinet locks, glass display locks, child-proof locks, or cabinet drawer locks, we offer to keep your valuables safely under lock and key.