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Door handles, more than any other type of door hardware, are subject to constant use and exposure to dirt, grease, and the elements. At Hardware Hut, we provide front and interior door handles and door levers designed for durability and style. We offer rustic, traditional, mission, modern rustic, Tuscan and French country, and modern door handles from brands such as Emtek Products, Schlage, Omnia Industries, Grandeur, Valli & Valli, Karcher Design and INOX Unison

Front Door Handles

Front door handles made from metal such as solid brass, provide security and make a first impression on guests or customers. Keyed entry door knobs are typically the most economical type of front door handles. Depending on their design, an entry door may have a separate keyed deadbolt that locks on one side (single cylinder) or locks on both sides of the door (double cylinder) or just use a keyed exterior handle with a button or twist mechanism on the interior knob to lock and unlock the door. Door entry handle sets are stylish alternatives that combine a keyed deadbolt lock with a separate door handle on the exterior and a door knob or lever on the interior side of the door. 

Combination door locks come in a variety of styles including those with a key override function entry door handle or a deadbolt for added security. The locks are available keyed alike, so one key can be used to open all locks on a house or business. Push buttons and electronic locks are also options. Push button locks conveniently allow keyless entry to residential or commercial spaces, while electronic locks with wifi or smart home capability can also be linked to a home or business’s smart hub and controlled through apps. 

Interior Door Handles

Interior door handles come in a wider range of materials than front door handles, including solid brass, porcelain, glass, and crystal. Changing out your indoor lever door handles and knobs can refresh your interior décor with little effort. 
Indoor door handles come in a range of functions, with each type intended for a specific purpose: 
  • Passage Interior Door Handles are non-locking door knobs or door levers used for closets and rooms that do not require privacy.
  • Privacy Interior Door Handles, or “bed-bath” handles, use pin, push button, or twisting mechanisms to lock the door and typically have an emergency release option to unlock from the exterior side if needed. 
  • Dummy Door Handles are decorative, non-functioning knobs or levers used to open and close closet doors. Dummy handles are often used in conjunction with a ball or roller catch to keep the door latched closed.
Remember to match the new door knobs to existing hinges or replace your hinges to match your other hardware when replacing interior door handles.

Sliding and  Barn Door Handles

Sliding and barn door handles differ from traditional door knobs and handles in that they are designed to function on track-mounted sliding door applications rather than on hinged doors.  Our extensive collection of sliding and barn door handles includes passage and privacy latches, flush door pulls, pocket door locks and latches, edge pulls, keyed pocket door locks, and push plates