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white kitchen with blue island
white kitchen with blue island

Design Is In the Details – Learn From Little Pacific Design Studio

Design is in the details. It’s the little things that you may not notice at first glance that make all the difference in how the space comes together and how it will make you feel. This was the case with the Mill Road Residence, a 3,700 square foot home that in the beginning, lacked personality and detail. It was a basic home in a neighborhood development, but dark and outdated. Refreshing the home from top to bottom was a substantial investment in time and money. But, the results for this client meant having a home that reflected her colorful style and personality.

With only several slight adjustments to the floor plan, Little Pacific Design Studio was able to maximize the functionality of the home’s square footage and limited natural light. New white oak floors paired with creamy white walls further enhanced the light and airy feel. Pops of color with small focal points throughout the home slowly showed themselves, such as in the kitchen island, backsplash, and fireplace surround. Our favorite designs for this project, which especially added flavor to the house, included the island, pantry closet, finish, and powder room.

The Island

A favorite focal point in the home was the deep blue kitchen island. The color is gorgeous, but what makes it really stand out is the golden jewels of detail…hardware. The kitchen featured Lewis Dolin hardware, which included the square cabinet bar pulls and disc knobs in the brushed brass finish. This combination looked stunning against the blue and worked beautifully on the white perimeter cabinets as well.

dark blue kitchen island

traditional white kitchen

The Pantry Closet

This renovation project incorporated custom designs in a few areas, like the kitchen island. Another favorite feature of the home was the stunning white oak doors to the pantry closet. With its rounded top and louvered doors, this custom piece brought natural warmth into the kitchen. Lewis Dolin hardware contributed to this project, and the extra long cabinet bar pulls were installed to bring a feeling of sturdiness.

white oak louvered doors

white oak double doors

The Finish

Brushed brass was the primary finish for this residence, and it could be found on all cabinet hardware and light fixtures. However, a single finish isn’t enough to bring variety to an entire home. It was combined with polished chrome for all plumbing fixtures and door hardware. Having a rule book on how finishes will be used in your space is essential for creating a cohesive design concept. Although, creating a rule book and then breaking a few of those rules in select details can take ordinary to extraordinary!

brass pendant lighting

chrome farmhouse kitchen faucet

The Powder Room

The powder room is a space that more people these days are willing to make bold and fun! Powder rooms and entryways are some of the best spots for bringing major personality in unexpected ways.  In this client’s home, the powder room excluded the use of polished chrome like the rule book suggested, and instead went with all brass fixtures. It was paired with an incredible black and creamy white botanical wallpaper. This small space now has some of the most impact in the whole home.

floral wallpaper in bathroom

black and white floral wallpaper brass bathroom faucet

brass bathroom hardware

We are big believers that there are times when it is important to be consistent in your design choices. The human brain is constantly trying to organize the world around us. When the spaces we inhabit are confusing, it plays a role in how we feel and interact. Thoughtfully approaching decisions can make all the difference in a space that feels disjointed versus intentional.

We loved the opportunity of designing this traditional yet eclectic, colorful home! For a full recap of this project, including before photos, product sources, and more, we invite you to visit Little Pacific Design Studio’s blog. Enjoy!

About the author
Shaleesa Mize is an interior designer and owner of Little Pacific Design Studio based in the Pacific Northwest. She specializes in renovations and custom homes and loves sharing the behind-the-scenes of construction. When not designing, she can be found managing Pacific Design Co., an online shop featuring modern natural home decor with sustainability in mind.