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Salice Super Hinge with Soft-Close Adapter
Salice Super Hinge with Soft-Close Adapter

Product Review: Salice Super Hinge for 3/8″ Lipped Doors

I frequently speak to customers about a hinge called the Salice Super Hinge. There are many applications for this hinge, but most people use it on 3/8″ lipped doors. If your current cabinet doors have a 3/8″ by 3/8″ stair stepped cutout that runs the perimeter of the inside edge of the door and you wish to upgrade to a concealed hinge, then this is the one for you.

Initial Things to Note

Salice Super HingeEuropean hinges are sold in two parts: the hinge and the mounting plate. You use a 6mm Euro box mounting plate with this hinge for the 3/8″ lipped application. If you have a different application, then you might use a different size of mounting plate. This is one of the reasons these types of hinges are so hard for people to understand. This same hinge can be used with a variety of mounting plates to accomplish different cabinet door overlays or insets.

Another thing you need to pay close attention to is the placement of the 35mm hole on the back of the door. The measurement is called the Distance Before Edge (DBE), or the setback. Salice calls it the “K” measurement. For the 3/8″ lipped overlay door, Salice specifies that you bore the hole 14mm from the edge.

Salice Super Hinge with Diagram

If your current cabinet has no face frame, then you are in luck. If, however, you have a face frame, then you’ll need to add some blocking or shims behind the mounting plate. This will bring it flush with the edge of the face frame. When you go to install the mounting plate, you’ll want to watch the center line of the screw holes. It should align on the plate 46.5mm back from the front edge of the cabinet.

Different Mounting Plates

This same one used with a 3mm Euro box mounting plate would work perfectly for mitered corner doors with a DBE of 19mm. In this case, you’d need the center line of the mounting plate to be 37mm back from the inside edge of the mitered frame. There are at least 13 different cabinet configurations this Super Hinge will work on using different plates, DBE’s, and mounting plate placements. You can see now why Salice calls this their “Super Hinge.” No other hinge works on more unique configurations than this one.

Salice Super Hinge Other Applications


Now with Soft-Close!

Just imagine… a peaceful kitchen with no more slamming. You can now add an optional soft-close adapter to your Salice super hinge for a quiet, controlled closing of your cabinet doors. No tools are required to add the soft-close, just simply slide and clip it right on to the hinge arm in one easy motion!Salice Super Hinge with Soft-Close Adapter

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