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Commercial, Restroom, Washroom, Modern, Fancy, Luxury, Chrome
Commercial, Restroom, Washroom, Modern, Fancy, Luxury, Chrome

The Best Hardware For Commercial Washrooms is a division of Spokane Hardware Supply in Spokane, Washington. Spokane Hardware Supply has a commercial division that provides commercial and architectural hardware, as well as an in-house hollow metal door and frame shop. Through our commercial division, we have access to a large inventory of commercial door and washroom hardware along with accessories for division eight and division ten projects. When you construct or renovate a public restroom or washroom, you’ll be in need of several pieces of commercial hardware. We would be happy to provide that for you.

Restroom Stall Hardware

Restroom stall hardware improves accessibility while helping you keep the room functional. Grab bars and similar bathroom hardware accessories help people with mobility issues access restroom stalls, while lockable toilet paper dispensers help prevent inventory shrinkage.

Grab Bars
Grab Bar, Public Restroom Grab Bar, Dark Colored

All public and commercial restrooms require grab bars around the toilet area. Grab bars include a range of hardware for bathrooms, from individual straight bars to L-shaped bars that wrap in corners. Grab bar applications vary depending on ADA code requirements, but typically you’ll see bars made of stainless steel or solid brass and finished in colors to match your decor. We  offer over 150 grab bars online in various sizes and finishes.

Toilet Tissue Dispensers

Toilet Paper Holder, Commercial

Toilet tissue theft has always been an issue for public and commercial restrooms. The Bradley Corporation has a solution. Their wall-mounted toilet tissue dispensers only allow the removal of tissue rolls once they are empty, reducing losses due to theft.

Restroom Partition Hardware

Restroom partitions are essential for any multi-person washroom, as they provide users with privacy and security. The right industrial bathroom accessories improve the functionality of restroom partitions while preventing costly wear and tear.  We offer a selection of quality, restroom partition replacement parts to keep your commercial restroom in service. Also consider installing the following hardware in your commercial restroom applications:

Door LeversDoor, Handle, Lock

Door hardware in commercial restrooms needs to be ADA compliant. Commercial Grade1 and Grade2 Levers are the recommended type of hardware for bathrooms because they are durable, and easily operable without pinching, twisting, or tight grasping.

Bathroom Partition Door Locks

Ensure your patrons or visitors have the privacy they need with the proper restroom partition hardware. Choose from Jacknob’s simple but effective surface mount slide latch or alert people that a partition is occupied with the Jacknob indicator slide latch.

Hooks and Holders

The Hardware Hut

No matter how clean you keep your restroom, no one wants to leave their valuables on the floor while attending to nature’s call. Strategically placing commercial bathroom fixtures such as hooks, shelves, or holders will keep customers happy.

Door Stops
Commercial Hardware Commercial Washroom Hardware

Sadly, some people aren’t as careful with other people’s property as they should be. Doors, especially, are vulnerable to damage. Pushing a restroom partition door too forcefully or pulling a door too hard can cause damage to your walls and partitions. Prevent such damage with wall, floor, or hinge pin stops.

Bathroom Hardware Accessories

Finish off your public washroom with these stylish, helpful bathroom hardware accessories:

Bathroom Signs

Restroom Sign, Silver, Gray

Public Restroom Sign

We have round, modern stainless steel signs from Cool Lines for Ladies, Gentlemen, and Unisex. For restrooms that need to be ADA compliant, we offer plastic signs from Don-Jo in Blue/White or Jacknob in Black/White. Don-Jo provides four options: Men/Accessible, Women/Accessible, Accessible, and Unisex Accessible. Jacknob offers nine options including Employees Only, No Smoking, and No Exit signs, in addition to restroom signs. Both the Don-Jo and Jacknob signs are 6″ x 9″, include Braille translation, and are affixed with double-sided pressure tape.

Soap Dispensers and Napkin Disposal

Help maintain public hygiene with the Bradley surface mount liquid soap dispenser and provide a receptacle for used paper towels with Bradley’s surface mount napkin disposal.

Although it can be challenging to construct and maintain public washrooms, our selection of hardware for bathrooms and commercial bathroom fixtures can. We are ready to provide all your commercial washroom needs.

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