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The Farm Chicks, New Construction, French
The Farm Chicks, New Construction, French

Narrowing Down Cabinet Hardware Selections

We’re deep in the process of building our French Provincial inspired home in Spokane, Washington, and I’ve been working on the cabinets and hardware details. Today I’m focusing on the kitchen and baking pantry specifically.

A goal of mine is for our home to have a nice warmth to it, which makes for a more home-like feel, rather than a coldness that can exist in new construction. This can be hard to achieve with my style because it’s a bit minimalistic, which may be surprising since I produce a vintage market. Luckily, there are ways to create warmth without lots of belongings. This can be done with curated layers of items such as vintage finds, blankets, plants, window treatments, etc. And in the design phase of home building, this can be achieved with small details like cabinet hardware.

The kitchen in our home will include two islands, a bar area, and a baking pantry. One of the first ways I’ll create warmth is that the islands will be a different color than the rest of the cabinets. Additionally, the baking pantry, which is located just off the kitchen, will have different colored cabinets, and the cabinet hardware won’t be perfectly matching throughout. Instead, it will flow cohesively and feel like it’s a part of the same design story, while varying a bit. For example, the little bar area hardware may vary slightly, the islands hardware may vary slightly, and so on.

Another way I’ll achieve some warmth is to add layers with the hardware. I’ll do this with backplates behind the knobs in a few spots. (The knob sits on top of the backplate and creates a bit more depth to the cabinet design). I’ve narrowed down the plates to these finalists, and I enjoy the simple design of the knob shown here. I’ll be using the simple knob throughout the kitchen space and adding in some backplates with the same knobs in a just few areas.

Cabinet Knobs

In addition to the knobs, I’ll be using some simple pulls to add interest. Our refrigerator and dishwashers will have cabinet faces, so I’ll be adding hardware to those pieces as well. I’ve narrowed down my choices to these two large appliance pulls. I’m not sure yet which one I’ll end up going with.

I’ll be making my final selections soon and look forward to sharing more as we continue building our new home. Stay tuned!

You can read about my process for selecting the door knobs in our home here. For more on my home construction, you can visit my blog.

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