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Gatemate, Abbey Trading
Gatemate, Abbey Trading

Gatemate by Abbey Trading – Say Goodbye To Rust

If you live on the coast, you know the struggle of what the refreshing salt air does to the hardware in and out of your home. For instance, you’ll hang your gate with some hinges you thought looked great and a few months later you see the rust. The rain and moisture will start making the rust drip down your freshly stained wood and leave ugly rust streaks.

Why Does Rust Happen?

Rust happens when moisture gets past the finish on the hinge and starts to rust the steel base. It is the iron in the steel that rusts (oxidizes). Eventually, the metal will be degraded and will seize the hinge up. When this happens, the hinge won’t be able to operate properly and the gate will fall off the post.

You have a few options to make sure this doesn’t happen. You can use hardware with base metals of brass or stainless steel, both of which are on the pricier side, or choose an item that has been hot-dipped in galvanized.

How Does Galvanization Help?

Of course, the next question is “what is galvanization?” Galvanization is the process by which a manufacturer applies a zinc coating to steel to inhibit rust formation. There are two main ways of doing this: either electroplating it or hot dipping it. Electroplating gives a thinner smoother layer of zinc to the steel and will help in rust prevention. However, this will eventually fail at some point since the layer is thin. Hot dipping is when the factory takes the steel item and dips it in molten zinc. Dipping gives the item a much thicker layer of zinc protection. This process also gives the item a rougher texture.

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The Solution: Gatemate

Gatemate by Abbey Trading offers many of their gate hardware items in the premium hot-dipped galvanized. If the silver zinc color isn’t your first choice, you can also check out other options; they have most products black powder coated. The hot-dipped galvanized and the black powder coat offers the rust-resisting properties you need for coastal areas.Abbey Trading, GateMate, Gate Hardware

Outside the Coast?

If you are not on a coastal area, Abbey Trading also offers electroplated zinc and black powder coat over the electroplate. These two finishes are completely acceptable for non-coastal areas.

If you have any questions, we are happy to help. Please reach out to our team or connect with us on Facebook.

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