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6102 Knife Pivot Hinge Installed View
6102 Knife Pivot Hinge Installed View

Knife/Pivot Hinge Product Review

Before European Hinges became widely available and you wanted to have a concealed hinge, a knife hinge or pivot hinge was needed. These hinges were installed above or below the door or near the top or bottom in a cut-out slot. While they aren’t 100% concealed like European hinges are, it was the most concealed hinge available at the time.

Replacement is Easiest

Amerock used to produce the BP1242-2G hinge that was above or below the door pivot option. When it launched, it was an excellent seller. When other hinges entered the market, sales lowered, and it was discontinued. The truth is: cabinet hinges break and wear out over time with use. Replacing the existing cabinet hinges with exact replicas is the most efficient way to solve the problem.

Knife Pivot Hinge Satin NickelItem 6102-SN is a variable overlay knife/pivot hinge in a Satin Nickel finish for use on 3/4″ thick doors. Each hinge is sold in pairs. One pair will cover one door. As they are a top and bottom hinge, the top hinge is for a right-hand door and the bottom hinge for a left-hand door.

Variable overlay means it mounts onto the face frame. However, it can also be used on a box construction cabinet. Keep in mind, the middle screw will not be able to be used in this case. The top and bottom screw holes for the cabinet are slotted for easy adjustment. They are 7/16″ on center from the edge but wouldn’t be perfectly centered on your box construction cabinet. This is a non-self-closing hinge. The hinge does not have a spring keeping the door in the closed position. You may need a tension-type catch or a magnetic type catch to keep the door closed.


6102 Knife Pivot Hinge Installed ViewThis pivot hinge additionally has slotted screw holes for easy door adjustments, along with a third-round hole to secure it after making adjustments. The hinge comes with a dozen matching wood screws. These come in a separate package to prevent damage during transit. When installed, you only see the arms of the hinge above and below the door as seen in the photo to the left. The pivot point only sits 3/8″ out of the door. It is still close to the face but not super apparent. Browse our offering of pivot or knife hinges or our complete offering of kitchen cabinet hinges today!


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