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Office Space, Hardware, Under Cabinet Light
Office Space, Hardware, Under Cabinet Light

Function and Fashion in Office Spaces

Did you know The Hardware Hut offers exceptional options for your office spaces? We are known for having incredible hardware options for your home; however, we also offer some fashionable ideas for upgrading your office and creating a more functional workspace. We’ve found a few items you may have missed when considering us for your office hardware.


Options, Options, and more Options!

Sit-Stand Workstations

As a fabulous addition to any workspace, sit-stand systems give you the capability to work in both seated and standing positions. They are exceptional for those with back pain from sitting for long periods, as they give some much-needed relief. Proper ergonomics in the workplace are becoming more focused on. Knape and Vogt have a fantastic option that is budget-friendly and has easy setup. They are also bringing more options to us soon, so keep an eye out for new products in the future.

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Label Holders

There is no quicker way to help yourself feel more organized than labeling. Once you slap a label on something, its official, on a sticker, stuck forever. There is another way to do this that has been around for a lot longer than one would think. Label Holders are too often forgotten and left behind for the “quicker sticker” options. The great part about them is that you can change the label, any time you want, and all you have to do is swap out a piece of paper. Cabinet label holders are great at home or in an office setting. They might not come with the labels but they are ready for an easy install. There are a variety of styles and finishes available with and without cabinet pulls attached.

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Extra Functionality

Keyboard and Mouse Systems

Circling back to ergonomics and functional workspace, keyboard, and mouse trays will improve both. Attaching keyboard drawers or fully adjustable tray systems gives you more space on your desk and helps you create a better, ergonomically correct posture. Having your mouse close by is also beneficial when considering opening up more of your desk space, so there are mouse trays and combination systems to put them both in a properly postured position.

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Jacket and Robe Hooks

Add a touch of class to your office with some beautiful and more creative robe hooks that can instead be used for jackets, purses, and umbrellas. We have an enormous selection of hooks to pick from. Selecting a hook with a beautifully decorative rosette is a minimal, but noteworthy way to update your office.

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Lighting & Organization

Lighting Under Cabinets

Brighten up your workspace with some LED lights. Strip lights are a great way to bring adjustable lighting to your desk or cabinets. You can easily install them under the edge of your cabinets or inside them to help with visibility in darker cabinets. Digging through files and paperwork with additional puck lights can be a dream come true. Easy to install, these lighting options are great for being recessed into the cabinets or surface mounted. They even offer motion-sensing lights that turn on right when you sit down and they can be brightened and dimmed simply by holding your position over the sensor. These lights are very customizable, too, so they are worth a glance for all office spaces.

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Drawer Organizers

Have too many pens and pencils in your drawers that you can’t seem to keep organized? What about a multitude of staples and paperclips? Re-purposing vanity organizers to help you reorganize your desk drawers is fairly helpful. Having a place for all the little accouterments that you acquire over time can become overwhelming so why not add a simple, plastic tray to your drawers to get those drawers back in shape? Take a look at the many styles and designs available through Rev-A-Shelf.

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The Hardware Hurt has plenty of ideas to help you transform your office with our hardware. Let’s help you get organized and increase productivity, health, and functionality at work by upgrading your workspace. If you have any questions on hardware for office spaces, don’t hesitate to reach out to us or connect with us on Facebook.