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Electronic entry set lock for a front door, perfect for Airbnb Rentals
Electronic entry set lock for a front door, perfect for Airbnb Rentals

What’s So Smart About Smart Locks?

For years, we’ve been adding to our list of technologically advanced hardware. Technology continues to advance, and hardware has not been left behind. Smart locks are becoming increasingly more popular, especially in Airbnb and rental properties. Emtek and Schlage are two leaders in this field, offering multiple styles and entry options. They completely crush the competition, and are currently running the top 5 style spots on our website. Selecting the right lock for your home can be tricky. There are pros and cons that should be taken into consideration when choosing the right lock. This blog is here to help clear the air on the positives and negatives of switching to a smart lock

Here are our top 5 most popular Electronic Locks and Lever Sets:

#5: Schlage BE365-PLYMOUTH


#3: Emtek 1101-SMART-DEADBOLT

#2: Schlage BE375-CENTURY



Positive notes about Smart Locks

Simply put, a beautiful lock can really complete the overall aesthetic you are looking to achieve. They’re stylish, modern, and function like a dream. Most are completely keyless, but some do come with a key slot as a back up. Additionally, smart locks come with their apps which are used to control and program the door, and are compatible with most newer phones. They also fit the same standard boring pattern of a standard door so upgrading is simple. Schlage’s locks have extra durable buttons that can’t be worn away due to the numbers being printed throughout the raised keys. Schlage also has a great system that provides a sense of security knowing that an incorrect code can only be attempted 3 times before the system temporarily locks up then resets. Both Schlage and Emtek offer safety nets for the master codes, both in the installation manual, as well as inside the locks themselves so you have a back up plan in times where technology decides not to cooperate.

Negative notes about Smart Locks

Technology still isn’t perfect. In theory, you should be able to install these locks and never have to use your keys again. However, as with all tech-based objects, they are bound to have their fair share of downfalls. Installation can be a little time-consuming, taking about 45 minutes to install and program. Don’t get discouraged though! They all come with installation instructions, and we’re also here if you run into any trouble.

General Consensus of Smart Locks

For most, once you install these electronic locks, you’ll never have to use your house key again, and you’ll love the ease of use. Electronics are taking over our world, attempting to make life easier and more fluid. The great part is you can choose how far into the technological world you would like to be. Some of the locks connect to your phone and WiFi, some don’t. Some have fully manual code entries, and some you can unlock from anywhere. Here at the Hardware Hut do our best to help you not only select the right type of lock, but we’re also here to help with any troubles you may come across. We strive to deliver quality products backed by the manufacturers and ones we truly believe in. We own these products, use them often and have direct lines of contact to manufacturers for any additional questions you may have.

If you run into any questions about smart locks please contact us at (800) 708-6649, send in a customer service form, or message us on Facebook.