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2021 Trend Predictions
2021 Trend Predictions

Our Top 5 Hardware Trend Predictions for 2021

For all the ways 2020 fell short, remodeling and interior design was not one of them. Home builds and renovation projects boomed, giving rise to all new hardware trends that are becoming must-haves in 2021. Here The Hardware Hut’s top 5 trend predictions for 2021.

1.) Mixing Finishes

The days of outfitting an entire home with the same finish of hardware in every room are numbered. Mixing hardware finishes has become increasingly popular in recent years, and is on track to become the norm in 2021; especially mixing hardware finishes in the same room.

The most common way we’ve seen, is in the kitchen, using one finish for the upper cabinets, and another for lowers. Or, using different hardware on the kitchen island than the rest of the kitchen. Mixing hardware finishes and cabinet colors adds intrigue, personality, and depth to a room. Matching hardware finishes to your faucet has always been a safe bet and will never go out of style, but mixing hardware finishes can incorporate colors from other elements in the room as well, like appliances, lighting, or shelving. A good rule of thumb is to stick with 2-3 finishes when mixing and matching (like black & copper in the picture below). Most handles come in at least 4 finishes, so it’s easy to get the same handles, or similar handles of the same collection, in multiple finishes.

Mixing Finishes


Another popular iteration of this trend is single handles with multiple finishes, like the Split Finish collection by Colonial Bronze shown above, or the shop all split finish cabinet knobs & pull collections and more popular options by Amerock, Belwith, and Schaub and Company. Shop the Emtek Select Collection to mix and match finishes, textures, and styles on the same pull with ease. Contact our sales team if you’d like to order a custom configuration not shown online. Click here to shop all collections for cabinet knobs and pull.

2.) Over-sized Pulls

Over-sized pulls will continue to grow in popularity in 2021. They’re all the rage right now in both Modern and Traditional homes. The longer pull dramatizes the door or drawer making it look bigger and heavier. They’re also very functional. This style is intended to make a large space look even larger. Over-sized pulls generally refer to pulls over 8” long when used on cabinets, and over 18” long when used on full-sized doors.

Over-sized door pulls

oversized door pull full-sized door

Many cabinet hardware collections have now expanded their pull lengths to include options such as 10”, 12” and 18”.  These are ideal for a customized look and also on wider drawers that are becoming more popular in today’s kitchen designs. Some also offer coordinating “appliance pulls” for panel ready appliances that are larger in scale and feature heavy-duty mounting hardware to handle the weight of larger doors.

Pro tip* While browsing cabinet pulls and appliance pulls on hardwarehut.com, click the “View Entire Product Collection” button on the product, to see all sizes and finishes offered.

The trend has carried over to full-sized doors as well. More styles of long door pulls are available now than ever before. Combine with a deadbolt for security on entry doors. Pulls can be mounted back-to-back or single-sided. Click here to view all door pull options.

3.) Custom Closets

Minimalism, multi-use spaces, and working from home have all contributed to the rise of smart storage solutions and custom closets. The kitchen might be the most used space in a home, but storage space usually makes or breaks how livable a home is. And with us all being stuck inside in 2020, collectively we decided more attention needs to be paid to our closets. Here at The Hardware Hut, we noticed closet remodels were one of the first DIY projects homeowners tackled during quarantine. And now that everyone has had a taste of the “organized life”, it doesn’t look like this trend is going away any time soon. There are multiple hardware options to create a custom closet that will work for you and your home, whether you’re looking for more efficient ways to organize storage and clothing, or just want a more aesthetically appealing closet.

Closet Culture

Modular closet systems, closet accessories, and overall closet aesthetics are all apart of making a custom closet. Modular closet systems refer to products that allow you to easily move components where you need them to best fit your space. The Closet Culture Modular Closet System from Knape and Vogt (pictured above) is one of our favorite new products in this category. This versatile system offers coordinating accessories (pull-out baskets, tie/scarf/pant racks & shelves) made of steel, wire mesh, and wood, all modular allowing you to create the most optimal closet for your storage.

For more specific designs, other closet accessories and shelving are available as well. Modular systems and closet accessories come in a wide range of applications and sizes and are offered in multiple finishes, including trendy matte black and satin brass.

4.) Open Shelving

Following along the same lines as custom closets, smart, visually appealing storage solutions are taking front stage in 2021. Floating shelves have continued to be popular in all design styles, but open shelving provides its own look, which is slightly different. While floating shelves hide the hardware, open shelving shows off the metal framework as a design feature. The cube shape creates an illusion of more open space while providing convenient functional storage, and an elegant way to display decorative objects. The simplistic, modern design is ideal for creating furniture pieces, kitchen, and bathroom shelving, and closet organization.


Open shelving is has become super trendy recently because, until recently, it wasn’t easy to source. High-quality, open, metal shelving was a custom job requiring a professional welder or carpenter. But not anymore. We currently have the YouK modular open shelving systems available. It is a customizable open-shelving framework that allow you to mix & match sizes to create your own design. This allows for endless possible configurations.

*Shelves are not included with the YouK, allowing you to source any material you’d like to match your existing design.

5.) Tambour

Wood tambour is making a serious comeback, and not just in appliance garages. Tambour is a design favorite because it’s versatile, and incorporates modern, minimalist design with warming wood tones and texture. Ideal for mixing timeless and trendy.

themindfulhaven tambour table

Tambour refers to the styling of wood with thin slats mounted together with flexible backing. It was originally made popular on roll-up appliance garages for corner cabinets. Its attractive, simplistic look made it an instant fan favorite. Tambour appliance garages allow the tambour door to roll up into the cabinet rather than having to swing doors open. However, tambour is becoming increasingly popular in other uses as well, like furniture pieces in the picture above, and wall coverings.

Tambour is sold in 6 wood species and multiple sizes. For appliance garages, 36″ wide and less, spring tension systems are available to assist in lifting the door. For furniture pieces and doors wider than 36″ tracks are uses to guide the tambour into the cabinet to lift the door.

Our Top 5 Hardware Trend Predictions for 2021

And there you have it. Those are the top 5 hardware to keep an eye out for in 2021. If you have any questions with ordering, contact our amazing customer service team through an online form, phone call (800) 708-6649, or on Facebook or Instagram.