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LED Lighting, Tresco Lighting, Cabinets, Residential Home
LED Lighting, Tresco Lighting, Cabinets, Residential Home

Snap Panel from Tresco: A New Way to Think LED Lighting

Tresco Lighting has a great product that has been out for a year or so. It is super awesome and has many uses to add some great accents to your next project.

It’s called Snap Panel LED Lighting, and the uses for this product continue to surprise me. This product offers a few things like backlighting, cove lighting, and shelf lighting, but much more.

Some Info on the Product

The Snap Panel Lighting has a 24V low voltage LED panel that comes out of the box as a 12×12 panel. From there, you can break them down to a single 3”x3” square that can link with other larger panels. This helps to fit into many different designs that your project may require.

Tresco LED Snap Panel in Backlit CounterropOne of the coolest applications that I love involves backlighting a bathroom vanity top. This can also double as a night light!

Another great thing about Snap Lighting is that you can utilize its feature of dimmable down, to 15W, as well as with the Tresco dimmable hardwired driver.

Some More Ideas

Wouldn’t it be great to show off to your guests a trick nightlight like this? Other great backlighting ideas include: kitchen islands or backsplashes. When using a solid surface product like Avonite Studio Collection design resin sheets, the sky really is the limit. Not only can you use this product in residential applications, the commercial use in bars and restaurants can also set your project apart.

Shelf lighting adds great accent lighting, as well as functional lighting.


Another great idea: cove lighting adds great accent lighting to your kitchen. You can apply the Snap panels to the top of the cabinet boxes, pointing the light up.

Toe kick lighting is a fun and functional way to set your dream kitchen apart.

With a little work, you can accomplish all of these designs by using the Snap Panel system.


Additionally, a great feature of this product is the ease of install. The panels can be mounted with screws or the mounting clips provided with double sided tape applied. Rubber spacers can also apply to the backs of each panel. When screwing to the back of metal surfaces, these assist grounding thus greatly reducing the chances of shorting.

The starter cord plugs right into the panel, which attaches to the power supply. An extension cord in various lengths can be used if longer lengths are needed. Max distance is 25′ from power supply and first panel connected.

Link cords and back to back connectors can connect panels together from there.

We also offer a variety of color temperatures that are available to meet any design need.

Tresco Snap Panel LED Lighting

  • 3000K (Warm light)
  • 4000K (Cool light)
  • 5000K (Cool light)
  • 6500K (Cool light)

We can help you incorporate this exciting product into any new or existing project.

Check out all of the Tresco Snap lighting panels we have in stock!

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