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Review of Trophy Case Doors

Something that I get calls about all the time are the Aluminum Track Kits for 1/4″ thick doors. We offer two options for sizes: small-medium and large. Most of the time, I sell these to schools, businesses, and hobbyists for trophy and award cases, display cases, or reception windows.

Knape & Vogt P992 Roll-Ezy Ball-Bearing Sliding Glass Door Track SystemThese are popular kits partially because of the ease of the setup. These Track Kits also allow you to have two doors that bypass each other, which you can use with glass or plexiglass (not included). The P1092 Roll-Ezy Aluminum small-medium option works on doors of up to 20 pounds per door. These small-medium kits come standard with press in nylon rollers. Additionally, we sell a ball-bearing roller for heavier doors so they slide easier.

We also offer the P992 Roll-Ezy Ball Bearing Track Sets, which work on 1/4″ glass doors, as large and heavy as you’d like. Both kits, however, do have a maximum height to width ratio of 2:1. Both the small-medium and large kits come in opening sizes of 36″, 48″, 60″, and 72″. All of them can be cut down in the field to your specific size. We also sell all of the parts a la carte in a 12 foot size so you can do openings larger than 72″ if needed. is happy to customize and cut the track in whole inch increments as well, which can be more cost effective to you for shipping purposes.

Practical Questions

The next question you might ask is, how might I lock the glass doors on the case? We actually have two options for you. One involves drilling a 5/8″ diameter hole in one of the doors, and the other involves no holes. I bet you can guess which one is more popular. The no hole option is called a ratchet showcase lock. It works by creating a barrier, which prevents the doors from sliding past one another. The option with the hole works perfectly but takes more work to install.

Whichever sliding glass door track you choose, it’ll work great for your needs. Knape & Vogt manufactures these track systems.

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