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Hinge, Cabinet, Hardware, Replacement
Hinge, Cabinet, Hardware, Replacement

Replacing Outdated Demountable Cabinet Hinges?

Have you ever thought about replacing your cabinet or vanity hinges, but you can’t find the style you want anywhere? Nobody has the hinge that fits your crazy mortised slot in your cabinet doors. Or the hinge just barely doesn’t work with the frames of your cabinets. And you feel like you’ve looked everywhere at this point.

Well, take a breath. We are here to help.

Demountable Hinges

About Demountable Cabinet Hinges

Chances are, you have what’s called a demountable style cabinet hinge. You can tell the difference between single or double demountable hinges and other cabinet hinges by a slot on the frame and the door. With these types of hinges, you can easily remove the door and install. Meanwhile, traditional hinges that attach with wood screws create much more difficulty.

For years, production style cabinets were manufactured across the U.S. with very limited choices in finishes. Fortunately, we have a solution to help brighten up and replace worn and dated single and double demountable cabinet hinges and finishes. Amerock has been a pioneer in the cabinet hinge market for many, many years and produce these “older” style hinges in trendy, newer finishes. This helps someone like you achieve a modern look without breaking the bank.

The Ultimate Upgrade

You can now easily upgrade from your dated, antique brass to a lighter satin nickel or a darker oil rubbed bronze finish. We carry these demountable hinges in Oil Rubbed Bronze, Satin Nickel in both 1/2” & 1/4” overlays, and also for 3/8″ lipped doors.

Demountable hinges have been around for well over 50 years, so chances are you have seen these in homes and not even known it. Concealed European cabinet hinges (also known as hidden hinges) have taken over the market. This leaves the demountable style of hinges with very little use in the new production cabinet industry.

Obsolete Functions

The majority of sales of these demountable type hinges today are for the replacement/retrofit market. This does exclude some of the more unique applications, which no longer exist in the demountable hinge world.

Obsolete functions include:

  • 30 degree reverse bevel. This means your door is mitered at a 30 degree bevel to allow fingers to fit and open the door without a knob or pull.
  • Overlays greater than 5/8”. Typical aftermarket current finishes come in 1/4” & 1/2” overlay only. For reference, your overlay is the distance the cabinet door overlays the face frame of the actual cabinet.

Replacing an Amerock Demountable hinge

You can identify a demountable hinge with its distinctive Phillips head screw. This screw fastens the hinge to the door through a slot mortised into the edge. The screw that fastens to the frame can vary from one single screw to two screws, which allows the hinge to be adjusted up and down if desired (single demountable version only).

Removing Hinges

Be careful after loosening the screws to remove the door; the door will slide out of the slot very quickly. When removing the old hinge, use a Phillips screw driver or screw gun to unfasten the door.

PRO-TIP: This is a great time to clean the doors of any dirt and grime that has accumulated over the years.

Installatin of Amerock Demountable Hinge        Installatin of Amerock Demountable Hinge

Remove the hinge from the face frame and prepare the frame to receive new screws from the new hinges. Measure 3/4” above the old single screw hole and mark a line, as well as 3/4” below. Pre-drill with a 3/32” drill bit to prevent splitting or breaking the head off the screw when securing the new hinge.

Placement of new Amerock Demountable Hinge        Measure hole spacing to replace hinge

Center the holes and use a Phillips screwdriver or screw gun on low torque setting. Fasten the screws securing the hinge to the frame. Slide the door back onto the slot of the new hinge and secure the door using a Phillips screwdriver.

PRO-TIP: Before securing the hinge to the door, make sure the flap that slides into the slot is completely in the slot so the door butts up tight against the barrel of the hinge.

New Demountable Hinge Installed         demountable

And with that, you’re done! You now have a fully functioning, new-looking hinge on your cabinet, thanks to The Hardware Hut’s demountable cabinet hinges.

This is a project that can be achieved in a very reasonable amount of time and will make your kitchen look fresh and modern. Looking for help with replacing a European hinge? Read our European Hinge Replacement Guide.

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