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Door Handle Replacement Guide, The Hardware Hut
Door Handle Replacement Guide, The Hardware Hut

How to Replace a Door Handle: An Easy Guide

How To Replace a Door Handle, Door Hardware, Knobs, LeversIt’s probably safe to say you were searching, “How to Replace a Door Handle,” because either something broke, or you’re updating your home. Although people typically take door hardware for granted, we actually use it almost every day without much thought. Door handles an essential part of our homes and offices. Typically, others may install these products for us, and for many years, they seem bulletproof. They work time and time again…until something happens. When they break, door handles create issues—from a minor annoyance to people getting locked out or inside their rooms.

Lots of Different Names

These products have many different names, such as door handles, locks, latches, knobs, or levers. We often neglect them when symptoms of failure arise, simply because they feel intimidating or unnecessary. We sometimes don’t know how to keep our hardware in sound working condition.

Nevertheless, if you need help changing a door handle, you are in luck! I have put together a quick and easy guide on how to install a new door lock/latch/handle, which should help in the process.

Some Quick Terminology

Before you venture into the installation, let’s discuss some terms. We know the visible parts as knobs or levers, but the type depends on the style of your door. Meanwhile, the internal part, or invisible part, is a latch bolt. The strike plate is the part on the jamb, which is what the door uses to hang in.

Tools Required

Phillips Screwdriver

Step 1: Locate the Screws

First, locate the screws. Typically, you’ll find these on the inside of the room/closet. If your product doesn’t appear to have visible screws, don’t lose hope. Keep searching, or call or message us. We would be happy to help walk you through this step.

The Hardware Hut, Here's How You Replace A Door Handle

Step 2: Pull the Lever Apart and Locate the Latch Bolt

Once you remove the screws, we need to pull the knob/lever apart and locate the latch bolt.

Step 3: Remove the Latch Bolt

Screw Driver, Door Handle, Replacement, Knob, Lever, Door OpenThirdly, it’s time to remove the old latch bolt. You may need to remove the two screws holding the faceplate, depending on your setup. My latch bolt, for example, does not have a faceplate. We call it a drive-in, which just pushes in the edge bore of the door.

Carefully pull the latch bolt out of the door. Pro Tip: If your door is prepared for a drive-in style latch, it may take a little manipulation to get it out of the door. Use your screwdriver to give it a small pull. If your door has a faceplate routed on the edge, it will pull out easily.

Step 4: Start the Installing of the New Hardware

First, locate the latch bolt in the box of your new product. Refer to the instructions to determine how to convert your latch bolt (if needed) to accept a drive-in style latch. You will know this from removal on the previous step.

Second, insert the latch bolt into the edge bore and secure it with screws (for faceplate installation), or press the latch into the door for a drive-in application. Pro Tip: For drive-in application, use a wooden block and put it over the edge of the door. Gently tap it with a hammer to secure the latch bolt into the door.

Adding The Finishing Touch

Step 5: Install the Knobs or Levers

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Once you’ve gotten this far, it’s time to slide the two knobs or levers together onto the door and through the latch bolt lining up the posts. Locate the screws and using your screwdriver to secure it onto the door. 
Pro Tip: Refrain from using an impact driver and or electric screw gun at this step. We avoid many installation problems just by using a standard screwdriver.

Step 6: Checking our Work

In the end, you should check the operation by making sure the knobs/levers turn freely, the door shuts, and the latches work properly. Pro Tip: If it seems a little too snug, back off the screws, adjust, and retest. Do not over-tighten.

You’re Finished!

You’re done! If you did search, “How To Replace a Door Handle,” we hope this made your project as simple as possible. Remember: This is just a general guide. If you need technical help, please contact us or connect with us on Facebook at Spokane Hardware Supply or The Hardware Hut. We are happy to help troubleshoot any problem or help direct you for any of your hardware needs.

About the author
Tom Reinbold has been in the cabinet and door/finish hardware industry for over 20 years and has a small stint in the residential construction business and experience in commercial hardware. In his free time, he enjoys golf, camping, fishing, and watching sports.