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Lighting for Custom Guitar Cabinet

Back in February of 2019, a potential customer called saying they needed a lighting solution for a humidified guitar cabinet for seven guitars. We chatted for a bit, got some dimensions, and I went to work putting together a quote for them. The cabinet had two sections: a top display glassed-in section and a lower storage and equipment section. Each section needed to light up on a dimmer, controlled separately.

Solving the Problem

For the upper section, we went with the angled linkable LED light fixtures from Tresco. We did three of them, one for each side and one for the front. Each light has a 2″ input/output lead, if the lights are close enough. If not, there are extension leads from 10″ to 72″ long. We ended up not needing the extensions, as the cabinet dimensions were only a little longer than the light sections we picked out. The lower section only needed one fixture, and we went with the same type.

We were able to run everything on only one power supply. The combined power required for all four lights was only 43 watts. The power supply we used was a 60 watt.


The lights require a starter lead to run from the power supply to the lights. There are four sizes from 10″ to 72″. If you want to run them on a dimmer like we did, then you’d plug the dimmer into the power supply with the attached 79″ lead. You then would run the starter lead from the 6″ trailing end of the dimmer to the first light.

Tresco power supplies comes with an item called a mounting block. This is what you plug the lights into. The mounting block has six ports. If you needed additional ports, you can purchase a separate mounting block and daisy chain it to one of the ports in the first mounting block off of the power supply. You can daisy chain as many as you need together, as long as the lights connected do not exceed the rating for the power supply.

This customer was able to get everything installed quickly and was kind enough to send over photos of their finished work. Please enjoy. If you have any questions, reach out to us here or connect on Facebook!

Guitar Cabinet Side

Guitar Cabinet Front

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