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Kitchen Hardware, Tip Out, Hardware Hut

Everything You Need to Know About Tip Out Trays

In front of your sink, in your kitchen, or in your bathroom, you may have a panel or two that don’t do anything. Those are called false fronts—because they don’t open.

You actually can make use of those false fronts. If you put a little sink front Tip Out Tray on the back of that panel, it could hold your sink things, like the drain stopper, or strainer, or sponges. For your bathroom, you could put combs, brushes, and hair ties. So many little things you could put in them.

Measuring & Sizing

Please don’t try forcing the panel off, as it is probably secured on the back with a false front clip, bracket or screw that needs to be unclipped or removed first. Once you have the panel off, measure the opening width and height. You should then measure from the back of the panel to the front of the sink. You’ll want to make sure that whichever tray you purchase will physically fit in the space.

We sell several options for Tip Out Trays. You can get stainless steel, molded plastic, or long trimmable ones. The stainless trays come in six sizes, from 11-1/4″ to 28″ long. The molded plastic ones come in 11″ and 14″ sizes and either contain kits of two trays with hinges or are sold individually. They are available in three color options: white, almond, and silver. The long trimmable ones are 36″ long and come with two pairs of hinges, end caps, and glue. They then can fit whatever size you need. With two color options, white and almond, these Tip Out Trays are shaped to two depths, a standard 2-7/16″ or the slim line series of 1-11/16″.

You can also find sink-front tip-out tray hinges for cabinets separately. We have ones for face frames with or without soft close, as well as hinges for Euro construction.

Whichever Tip Out Tray or system you choose, you’ll be glad you did.

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