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Werner Co, Ladder, Product Review
Werner Co, Ladder, Product Review

Werner Folding Attic Ladder Arms Product Review

Werner Co, Ladder, Product ReviewAbout this time each year, you’re popping up in your attic to bring down the holiday decorations. If you have a pull cord hanging from the ceiling at the attic opening, there is most likely a folding attic ladder up there. Unfortunately, the arms on the side of the ladder that help it go up and down wear out and need replacing. When this happens, we can help with Werner Folding Attic Ladder Arms.

We carry part 55-1. It includes the arms and screw pack to replace the arms that came with the ladder from the factory. The model we sell is very specific in the brand, model, and year of the ladder. The 55-1 is for Werner or Kentucky Ladders made before February 2006 in the following models: MK 1, MK 2, or MK 3 (Mark Number = MK).

Model Numbers:

A2208 – A2210, A2508 – A2510, A2512, W2208 – W2210, W2508 – W2510, WH2208 – WH2210, WH2508 – WH2510, WH3008 – WH3010.

Keep in Mind

All Werner Attic Ladders have a warning label on the side of the ladder with the name Werner and the model number. If your ladder does not have this label, it is not a Werner Ladder. The counterbalance mechanism kit includes both left and right arms, mounting hardware, and installation instructions. The kit does not include springs or the pivot plate. It is helpful to check out the instructions before ordering, so you know what tools you will need. View Instructions >

Werner Attic Ladder ArmsWhen manufactured, the arms are riveted to the pivot plates on the side of the frame. Since you won’t have a riveter, Werner wants you to drill out the center rivet and use the included lag bolts to mount it. Do not remove the pivot plate from the frame. This part cannot be replaced. It is very important that you have all of the tools needed, and a helper with you before installation. You cannot replace these arms without a second person assisting.

The reasons these arms wear out or bend is usually because either the frame has come out of squareness or the sides are no longer straight. These must be corrected before installing the new arms. The other way they bend is when someone isn’t careful when using the ladder. Pull down in an even motion, not pulling on the cord quickly. Push back into place from the end in the center with enough force to move it, but do not slam it.


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