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Towel Warmers, Drying Rails & Heated Towel Racks

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Towel warmers are some of the best bathroom accessories on the market, and have a variety of uses and applications. A towel warmer rack keeps towels and bathrobes warm and toasty so you can dry off in comfort after showers or exiting the pool, beach, or spa.
Heated towel racks serve another function: they dry towels after use, preventing towels from acquiring unpleasant moldy or musky smells. As a result, towels need washing less, which reduces laundry loads and water consumption. Combine an electric towel warmer with Amba’s digital heat controller and you can use towel warmers to dry delicate clothing which cannot be tumble dried. Adding optional hook attachments lets you dry wet boots, jackets, gloves, and shoes. Some heater towel racks even double as radiators or space heaters.

Heated Towel Racks

Heated towel racks make it possible to warm or dry several towels at once. Such racks are popular in spas, gyms, and swimming pool facilities. Most are made of stainless steel, in finishes that complement a wide range of bathroom mirrors and bathroom accessories. Large families also benefit from heated towel racks with multiple racks, which take up only a little more space than standard towel rails.

Bathroom Towel Warmer

Smaller bathroom towel warmers are available for compact bathrooms. A swivel towel heater is an excellent choice for small bathrooms, as it sits flat against the wall when not in use. Radiant shelf towel warmers keep stored towels warm as well as those in use while leaving plenty of room for safety grab bars, shower baskets, and other bath hardware.
Few experiences are as satisfying as drying off with a warm towel. Check out our bathroom towel warmer collection today, and make a toasty towel part of your daily routine!

What is the Main Purpose of a Towel Warmer?

  • Towel warmers have a variety of uses and applications. They are primarily used to heat towels and bathrobes so they are warm when drying off after a shower or leaving the pool/beach/spa.
  • After a towel is used, the towel warmer will dry it out. This helps to prevent them from giving off that musty/moldy smell they can produce when not dried properly. It also reduces laundry loads and water consumption, as the towels won’t need to be washed as frequently.
  • They can be used to dry delicate clothing that cannot be tumble dried (with Amba's digital heat controller accessory).
  • Dry wet boots, jackets, gloves or shoes by hanging them on optional hook attachments.
  • Help bathrooms stay warm, dry, mold, mildew and humidity free. Some models also double as radiators or space heaters.