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Customize your closet with closet organizers and accessories.

Browse our selection of closet organizers and accessories including closet rods and supports, closet pull-out pant racks, modular closet systems, pull-out baskets, tie, scarf and belt racks, valet rods and pull-out clothes racks, shelf and rod supports, pull-out laundry hampers, ironing boards and centers, decorative and functional hooks, towel warmers and drying rails.

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Closet Organizers & Accessories

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With Hardware Hut’s wide-ranging selection of closet organizers, closet shelving, modular closet systems, and closet rods, you’ll get the most out of your closet space. After all, without closet organizers, a closet is just a large box with a pole running across it. 

Closet Shelving and Rods

Closet shelves let you stay organized and utilize areas of the closet which would otherwise be dead space. Depending on your needs, Hardware Hut offers stylish floating shelves, modern open-shelving systems, or the brackets needed for traditional fixed shelves and shelf & rod support brackets.

Closet rods exist because they remain one of the most practical ways to store clothing. Rather than settle for the simple rods that came with your existing closets, brighten up your wardrobe with our selection of closet rods with matching closet rod supports and closet rod flanges. Choose from the simple elegance of black closet rods or the glamorous look of satin brass closet rods and supports. In addition to the standard rods, there are lifts and pull-down closet rod systems that allow you to store clothing up, out of the way while still being easy to access.

Closet Organizers

Closet organizers add functionality to your storage space and come in various designs, each intended to fulfill a specific function. Our modular closet systems and hardware let you design the closet of your dreams with configurable, multi-layer closet rods and optional baskets and organizers to optimize your space. Other popular closet organizers include pull-out pant racks, valet rods, and tie, scarf, and belt racks, all designed to be customized to suit your organizational needs and protect your clothes while offering easy access to closet contents. 

Closet Storage Options

Not everything in your closet needs to hang from closet rods. Pull-out baskets help you organize socks, intimates, and other small items. Keep your dirty clothes separate with a closet laundry hamper, perfect for carrying laundry to and from your laundry room. Decorative and functional hooks are another great solution and easy update to keep your closet tidy, get stuff up & off the floor and eliminate clutter. In addition to just bedroom closets these can be especially useful in kid spaces, entryways, entryway closets and mudroom cabinets or cubbies.

Browse our selection of closet organizers and closet storage ideas to build the closet system that fits your lifestyle, or contact us for help choosing the closet shelves and hardware for your home or office space.