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Commercial Door Locks, Handles & Knobs

Hardware hut features a variety of commercial door locks for wood and metal doors. Commercial locks can be used in numerous applications, including passage, privacy, dummy trim, entrance, office, classroom, and storeroom lock configurations. Whether you need electronic commercial door locks or a commercial door lock set, we’ve got the commercial hardware needed to keep your business secure. 

ANSI Lock Grades

Understanding ANSI lock grades helps you choose the right commercial door locks for your building. The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) is a private nonprofit that oversees voluntary performance standards for building hardware. ANSI lock grades rank how well a commercial lock performs through a series of operational and security tests. 
  • Grade 1 certification is the highest lock grade assigned by ANSI. Commercial door locks with this rating are suitable for most commercial or residential buildings. Most heavy-duty commercial door locks have a Grade 1 ANSI certification. 
  • Grade 2 certification indicates the lock is suitable for most residential applications and light commercial applications. 
  • Grade 3 certification is the lowest ANSI lock grade and is considered the minimum acceptable quality for residential locks. Grade 3 is not sufficient for commercial door locks.

Commercial Cylindrical Door Locks

Commercial cylindrical door locks remain the most common type of commercial door locks. The lock is installed through a hole bored in the face of the door, with the latch assembly fitting into a strike plate in the door frame. A heavy-duty commercial door lock set often combines the primary lock assembly with a commercial deadlock for added security.

Commercial Keypad Door Lock

Commercial keypad door locks use a numerical keypad instead of a lock. As a commercial lock, a keypad lock has several advantages. Keys will not fall into the wrong hands, and security codes can be quickly changed should you suspect your code has been compromised. A commercial keypad door lock can have advantages over a  traditional keyed lock, as the lock mechanism does not degrade due to the wear and tear of inserting and turning keys. 

Electronic Commercial Door Locks

Electronic commercial door locks are the high-tech answer to keypad locks. Electronic commercial locks may be keyless or combine a keypad with a keyed lock override option. Like keypad locks, the codes for electronic commercial door locks can be changed. Electronic locks can also feature advantages such as changes can be made remotely. Commercial automatic door locks allow you to lock and unlock doors remotely, change PIN codes, and schedule when doors unlock, all from a smartphone app. 

Hardware Hut: For All Your Commercial Door Hardware Needs

In addition to our collection of commercial door locks, we offer a variety of commercial door hardware, including door closers, commercial hinges, and kick plates. Contact us today to learn how we can help you keep your building secure.