Brass Door Knobs

Brass door knobs have a timeless quality that adds charm and style to a range of decor choices. Perhaps you want the soft patina of antique brass door knobs to complement a room’s classic design elements, or maybe you prefer the contemporary design of Emtek Modern Class Brass door knobs. No matter what form your interior design takes — traditional, rustic, modern, or transitional, Hardware Hut has brass door knobs from such well-known brands as Schlage, Brass Accents, Grandeur and Emtek.

Or, if brass isn’t the right material for you, check out our larger collection of door knobs for inspiration.

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Brass Door Knobs
Emtek Select Conical White Marble Door Knobset w/Modern Rectangular Rosette

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Shop our extensive selection of door knobs offered in many styles such as modern knobs and contemporary door knobs, traditional door handles and knobs, rustic door knobs and more. If polished or brushed brass door knobs are what you’re after, we have today’s most popular finishes of solid brass door hardware.

Lacquered or Unlacquered Brass Door Knobs?

Whether you opt for lacquered or unlacquered brass door knobs depends on your personal preferences. Lacquered brass is designed to maintain its shine over time. A lacquered door knob can be wiped clean but cannot be polished. Choose this option if you want your door knobs to retain their “brand new” appearance.

Unlacquered brass is a better choice if you want a true, vintage brass door knob look. Unlacquered brass darkens, shows wear, and develops a patina over time that adds charm and distinction. Additionally, if brass in uncoated or unlacquered, copper and it's alloys such as brass are inhernetly antibacterial or have antimicrobial properties.

Popular Solid Brass Door Knobsets Collections

Shop the Hardware Hut's selection of today's most popular designs of door knobs in collections from industry leading brands! We offer styles to enhance and add distiction to doors in both interior or exterior applications.

Satin Brass Door Knobs

Satin brass door knobs, also known as brushed brass door knobs, offer a compromise between the bright shine of lacquered brass and the aged patina of antique brass door knobs. Satin brass has a soft matte finish, preventing darkening and providing a softer shine than lacquered brass. Satin brass door knobs won’t show fingerprints and maintain their appearance for years.

Hardware Hut offers a wide selection of exterior and brass interior door knobs, including modern classic knobsets, and traditional designs, For a unique, modern look, consider the Emtek brass spoke knobset in the Emtek Studio Brass Knobset Collection. Or, if brass isn’t the right material for you, check out our complete assortment and collection of door knobs for inspiration.


Antique Brass Door Knobs

All unlacquered brass ages over time, but you must wait for a patina to form. You can choose to let brass age naturally, but if you’d rather get the look of old brass immediately, consider antique brass finished door knobs such as the French Antique Finish by Emtek or the Vintage Brass Finish by Grandeur. These vintage style door knobs already look like old brass, so you’re starting at an advantage that will maintain a consisten finish over time. Antique brass door knobs often include glass or crystal knobs, duplicating the style of early twentieth-century door knobs.

Shop Decorative Door Knob Long Sideplate Sets in modern and traditional, vintage designs! These plate sets can be used in both interior and exterior door applications and are especially suited to add a more substainial look on taller doors as well.

In addition to door knobs, Hardware Hut offers a full suite of door hardware, such as solid brass front door entry handlesets, pocket door hardware and every type of door hardware accessory you will need to complete your entire home with style!