Glass and Crystal Door Knobs

Glass door knobs & handles bring classic style to your door decor that harkens back to the early twentieth century. Glass and crystal door knobs became popular in the USA after 1917 when the pressures of World War I led to a metal shortage. Seeking other materials, door knob manufacturers turned to glass and crystal, and a distinct style was born.

Modern glass knobs for doors are used primarily for interior doors, as outside elements can damage such materials. Glass interior door knobs are used as non-keyed passage sets for hall & closet doors and privacy door knobs for bedrooms and bathroom doors. Decorative crystal and glass cabinet knobs are also popular for bathroom and kitchen hardware, especially for airy, bright rooms.

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Glass and Crystal Door Knobs
Emtek Bristol Glass Door Knobset w/Quincy Rosette in Satin Brass

Glass & Crystal Door Knob Collections

Shop our popular collections of glass and crystal knobs and door knobsets from top quality brands such as Emtek, Grandeur, and Brass Accents today. Glass and Crystal knobs are offered in a wide variety of design styles, rosette options and trending finishes such as brass glass door knobs, polished nickel and crystal knobs, modern black glass knobs and to compliment every home.

Glass & Crystal Door Knobs by Style

While crystal door knobs may be derived and inspired from years past, there are now many options available to complimenet a wide variety of today’s design styles. With a selection larger than ever, you will surely find an option for your home. Whether it be a new home build in a modern, transitional or traditional design, or an antique reproduction glass knob ideal for your home remodel project, we have just the glass and crystal knobs you desire to set your project apart from the ordinary & make your home shine!

Glass & Crystal Cabinet Hardware

In addition to crystal and glass door knobs, we also have a large selection of decorative cabinet hardware in glass, crystal and clear acrylic cabinet knob and pull options. Our selection and styles vary widely from traditional diamond crystal knobs, to modern smooth glass knobs and unique, artisan hand crafted glass cabinet knob and pulls designs in many colors and finishes. Our quality, decorative acrylic, glass and crystal cabinet hardware manufacturers include Sietto, Schaub, Amerock, Cal Crystal, Emtek, Belwith-Keeler, Hot Knobs, JVJ Hardware, Salo, TopEx and more.

Crystal Door Knobs

Crystal door knobs are made of glass, but not all glass door knobs are crystal. Glass is made from melted sand. To make crystal, lead oxide and other elements are introduced during glassmaking to make silica glass. Crystal interior door knobs are heavier than glass, giving the door knob more heft and feel when used. Crystal door knobs also reflect light better than glass.

Clear Door Knobs

Clear door knobs are usually made of crystal or glass but may also be made from acrylic. A hard, clear plastic, acrylic can be confused with other materials used to make clear door knobs. If you want crystal interior door knobs, purchase a brand known for its crystal door knob sets such as Brass Accents. Grandeur offers a lead-free crystal option while Emtek offers unique styles of high quality glass door knobs.

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