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Mortised Butt Hinges

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Motrised butt hinges are some of the most common hinges in the world, and regularly used on doors and cabinets. Hardware Hut offers a wide selection of mortised hinges from such high end brands as Amerock, Deltana, and Schaub.

Mortised Hinges

A mortise hinge describes a hinge constructed from two leaves of metal connected by a pin and barrel system. One of the butt hinge’s leaves is recessed, or mortised into the door, while the other connects to the door jamb. The pin in the pin and barrel system can often be removed, allowing for the removal of the door without uninstalling the hinge leaves. 

Butt hinges come in a range of sizes, widths, and finishes so you can match hinges to your project. The most common finishes for a mortise hinge are matte black, antique brass, polished brass, antique bronze, and oil-rubbed bronze. Nickel, zinc, and chrome finishes are also available. 

Cabinet Butt Hinges

Butt hinges are the most common type of hinges used on entry doors and passage doors. Mortised hinges also see use as cabinet hinges, in circumstances where you want visible hinges. Traditional American cabinets and vintage cabinets often require a mortise hinge for an authentic look. 

If you prefer concealed cabinet hinges, consider European hinges or SOSS and Sugatsune HES3D Invisible Hinges. If your project calls for full inset doors, non-mortise butt and wrap hinges produce a slim gap between the door and the cabinet frame. No matter what type of hinge you need, from cabinet butt hinges to inset and lipped door hinges, Hardware Hut has the most popular and specialty hardware and cabinet hinges needed for your next project.