KitLock KL1100 RFID KitLock Cabinet/Locker Lock w/Smart Card Access COD-KL1100-RFID

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Slimline and stylish, the KL1100 RFID offers contactless smart card access and Remote Card Authorization options and gives any environment a modern, contemporary feel.

Choose between offline or cloud based software options to configure your locks and cards. The KL1100 RFID is perfect for applications with a large quantity of lockers that would benefit from issuing and managing Card Clients from reception desks, for example, gyms, spas, hospitals, hotels, schools and universities.

  • Easy to install, operate and manage, featuring a powered latch enabling intuitive ‘push shut’ closing.
  • Available in a Metallic Silver or Gloss Black finish.
  • RCA (Remote Card Authorization) Mode via offline or cloud based software (sold separately)
  • Local management via plug-in Keypad Programmer (sold separately)
  • Private Function: This function is used where the same pre-registered User Cards are repeatedly used, auto-locking after each opening. Up to 50 individual User Cards, 10 individual Technician Cards and 1 Master Card can be registered per lock.
  • Public Function: The user presents a compatible card to an available open lock, this locks the lock and only that User Card, or a registered Technician/Master Card can be used to unlock the lock. The lock remains open ready for the next user. This function is used for short-term, multi-occupancy applications.
  • Auto-Unlock at a set Time (Public) Configure the lock to automatically unlock at a predefined time.
  • Maximum Locked Period (Public) Configure the lock to automatically unlock after a predefined period.
  • Dual Authorization (Private) This feature requires any 2 authorized Card Clients (either User or Technician) to be presented within 5 seconds of each other for the lock to unlock.
  • Smart Cards: MIFARE® Classic 1k compatible cards, fobs or wristbands can be used (sold separately).
  • ADA Pull Handle: Optional pull handle available for compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) (sold separately).
  • Programmer: One programmer can be shared amongst a group of locks. (Programmer sold separately.)

Optional Accessories


Codelocks, Inc.
plastic & alloy
keyless cabinet lock
1 year limited warranty.
Material Thickness:
California Residents:
WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, nickel and/or chrome, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to
  • Operation: Up to 100,000 operations
  • Low Battery Warning: Red LED will flash 3 times before unlocking
  • Power: Powered by 4 x 1.5 volt AA batteries (supplied)
  • Battery Override: Connect to 5V micro USB power source for temporary power
  • Door Thickness: Ready to fit doors up to 25mm (1”)
  • Memory: Non-volatile memory - programming will be retained
  • Latch: Powered latch
  • Card Client Types: Master, Technician, User, Initialisation, Block and Audit - Supports MIFARE® Classic 1k
  • Orientation: Master, Technician, User, Initialisation, Block and Audit - Supports MIFARE® Classic 1k

Standalone Mode: requires a Keypad Programmer (sold separately) for adding/removing cards and managing functions of the lock.
  • Locally manage individual locks
  • Supports Private and Public Functions
  • Master Card
  • Up to 50 User Cards per lock
  • Up to 10 Technician Cards per lock
Remote Card Authorization (RCA) Mode: offers remote management allowing Card Clients to be created and managed via offline or cloud based software and a USB card reader3.
  • Remotely manage individual or a group of locks
  • Supports Private and Public Functions
  • Up to 250 locks within a lock group
  • Master Card and Technician Cards
  • Multiple User Cards per lock

Installation / Specification Documents

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