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FastCap: Innovative Solutions for Woodworkers of All Levels

Since 1999, FastCap has established itself as a leading provider of innovative solutions for woodworkers of all skill levels. Their mission is to simplify woodworking and make it more enjoyable for everyone, and their extensive product line reflects this commitment.

Streamlining the Process: From Project Start to Finish

FastCap offers a diverse range of products designed to streamline the woodworking process, from start to finish.

  • Installation and Assembly: Their selection includes countertop bolts, backsplash fasteners, table top fasteners, and countertop supports, ensuring secure and reliable installation of various elements within your project. Drawer front and cabinet assembly screws further aid in efficient cabinet construction.
  • Edging and Finishing: For a polished and professional look, FastCap offers edgebanding solutions to seamlessly cover raw edges. Additionally, self-adhesive cover caps provide a decorative touch while concealing screw holes.
  • Joinery and Repair: FastCap's glues and adhesives cater to various bonding needs, while wood filler and repair products address imperfections and blemishes, ensuring a smooth and flawless finish.
  • Precision and Accuracy: Their marking, measuring, and layout tools empower woodworkers with the necessary precision for accurate cuts and efficient project execution.
  • Protection and Clamping: Protective accessories safeguard surfaces and workpieces during the creation process, while woodworking clamps provide the necessary pressure for secure gluing and assembly.

Beyond Products: A Philosophy of Empowerment

FastCap's dedication goes beyond simply offering a range of products. They are committed to fostering a community of passionate woodworkers by providing educational resources, workshops, and tips through various channels. This commitment to empowerment ensures that individuals of all skill levels can approach woodworking projects with confidence and enjoy the process of creating beautiful and functional pieces.

By offering a comprehensive range of innovative solutions, prioritizing user experience, and fostering a supportive community, FastCap empowers woodworkers to bring their creative visions to life, from small repairs to large-scale projects.